Intermittent dropouts while streaming

  • 7 September 2021
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I have been getting intermittent dropouts while streaming on the web version using chromium on my Raspberry pi 4. The dropouts happen about every hour or so and last aprox 10/15 seconds.

This also happens using my PC running Ubuntu 18.04 using the Chrome browser, also it happens on my Android Tablet running the app. Some days it only happens once or twice other days it keeps happening as described as above.

I have contacted my ISP Virgin Media and the tell me they have tested my broadband (100 mbps) and every thing is all OK…...I wonder if this is Linux related thing. All this seem to happen when I renewed my HIFI subscription on 21/08/2021, could this just be coincidental.



1 reply

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We'll be releasing a Linux Beta app soon! @coypu 

In the meantime, I'll be passing your feedback forward :nerd: