How to disable the windows 10 pop up every time i skip or pause a track

  • 20 December 2018
  • 4 replies

Every time i pause or skip or do anything really this pops up and its a bit annoying and i cant find a way to turn it off

4 replies

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Hi there, some users reported the same and there is nothing it could be done at the moment to change this, but we have already passed this on to our devs 😉
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Hi there, I would like to Second this. Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can do this from within Windows (Although you should - bad work on Microsoft's part).
So the feature to be able to turn off the notification will have to come from Deezer.

Just to mention that Spotify had this same issue and they added the functionality to their app. So hopefully we'll see Deezer do the same.
I work in an office and I hate that colegues can see what I'm listening to if I pause the music to talk, or if I change the volume.
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Hi there @Matman Bracchli

Why don't you check our Desktop App topic and start a convo there. Maybe people can vote for this and we can pass it on to our devs 😉
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Hi Rudi, thanks, I'll do that!