Hotkeys skips song when moving browser window between desktops on Deezer

  • 14 January 2021
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This problem has been experienced using Firefox on Windows 10 with hotkeys enabled in Deezer labs.

When shifting the browser window between screens via the keyboard shortcut (windows key + shift + arrow key) while the deezer tab is active causes the track to skip forwards or backwards depending on the arrow key.

Conversely, the keyboard shortcut to snap the window to either side of the screen works perfectly well (windows key + arrow key).  It seems the addition of the shift key changes things.

The current workaround is don’t have the deezer tab active when shifting the window around.

1 reply

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Hey there @tapestretic 

Thank you so much for this type of feedback, simply great.

Have you tried our desktop app to see if it's better that way? In the meantime, I'll be sending your feedback to the right teams here :wink: