HiFi on Marantz ND8006

  • 10 August 2019
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Hello! Why does my Maranz ND8006 play only MP3, although i have a subscription Hi-Fi?

6 replies

And here, for example, the Pioneer N-50AE does it!

Hello! Only Deezer is active in Russia.  I bought the Marantz NA6006 to listen to the CD quality stream, but I was disappointed to learn that only mp3s go through HEOS.  Add this option!  Very necessary!

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Hi there @Stanislav Korchun @Yarinen 

Thank you for your support. We're currently working on a new cast integration which will hopefully connect more devices straight to our app, where HiFi playback will be possible. Stay tuned :wink:

Any more info on this because this sucks! So looking forward to listening cd quality streams with my marantz receiver only to see that everything is mp3 quality. Please please please make this happen!! I'm paying for deezer hifi :(

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Hey @Ruben Flamand 

Thanks for reaching out. This doesn't depend on Deezer, the development is with HEOS for their app - but we're collaborating and things are going well - hopefully we can have more news about this in the coming months :relaxed:

Allright! Thanks for your reply. I've switched to Tidal for the time being, but hope to switch back to deezer soon for a more fun experience and better library :) I'll stay tuned!