heos doesn't stream anymore

Hi there,

2 years ago i bought 3 heos speakers and since then i've been streaming my music all day long. Untill 3 days ago. Suddenly heos can't connect anymore to deezer. I can play the radio with heos wich means that heos is online but why can't i stream my music anymore.


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Hey @Damien666 with your Heos speakers are you streaming directly from the Deezer App or did you connect your Deezer account to the Heos controller app?
Hi Jessica,

I connected deezer to the HEOS app. So HEOS is in control of the music you want to stream. Strange thing is that you can stream radio but not deezer.
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Hey @Damien666

Sorry to hear that. Have you checked if the HEOS app has been updated? I'd check that and relink the account to the app as well. Let me know if it helps!