Google now integration

  • 4 October 2018
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Would be nice if I can configure Deezer as my default Google service app to music. So, I could say "ok Google, let's play some music", and use it on Google assistant routine.

5 replies

I second this. But isn't this allready possible when you add the fraise: on Deezer?

Like: "ok Google, let's play some music on Deezer"
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Ok, let me try to explain ... On my Android, when i go to Google now, configuration, Google Assistent Configurations, Services, Music, More music services, i can't configure it to use Deezer, as you can see in added pictures ... thanks!

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Thanks for the suggestion, we will pass it on to the right team!
also i can't set the dezzer as the main music player. Will it be possible?
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Hey @mover

At the moment we're working to improve our Google Home integration, but it doesn't depend just on us. Thank you for your input and feedback 👍🏼