Google Home will not play Deezer playlists

  • 21 November 2020
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When asking google home to play a playlist she says “sorry something went wrong, please try again”.

she can play specific songs, but no playlists. 

I have tried unlinking the account and delinking but this hasn’t worked. Help!!


Best answer by yottabit 1 December 2020, 20:51

I have just confirmed that as of 1245 US CST, both public and private playlists work on Google Assistant again! w00t!

Thanks Deezer team for fixing this issue. I hope you have been able to add more testing to preemptively catch bugs like this, and proactive monitoring to detect when there is a problem missed by testing.

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57 replies

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I’m having the same problems! Started a few days back and driving me nuts!

Me too. Very frustrating.

Only signed up yesterday, but getting lots of "sorry something went wrong, please try again".

For example, kids want Trolls World Tour Soundtrack, and it says "sure, playing... on Deezer" then immediately "something went wrong...", every time.

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Sorry - I hit the tick. Didn’t realise that would answer - can’t seem to untick!


still no joy with this problem!!

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Hey everyone! Thanks for reporting this to us! @streamer2020 @martinn @Limbrickp @nickren 

Have you tried any troubleshooting like switching off the Home, restarting your router, and trying again, for example?

Let us know (at least one of you) and I can pass the info to our devs :thumbsup_tone2:

Yes, I've tried those things, but still not working. I have no other issues with internet connectivity or any of our four Google Home's in general.

Yes I've tried those things too. No difference


Recently both my Google mini's and my Google Nest hub max in my house have lost the ability to play a playlist that I have created.

It simply says "sorry something went wrong, when you're ready give it another go"

I have tried unlinking my account and relinking again, I have also done the same thing but with a reboot of all devices in between the unlink and relinking of account.

Also tried factory resetting the devices and I'm still having the same issue.

I even thought it might be to do with the maximum number of devices allowed on the premium account so I've upgraded to family account bit it still doesn't work. 

Please tell me others are experiencing this!!

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Hey Rudi, I have delinked and relinked Deezer, factory reset my Google Home speaker and rebooted the Router. Have also checked that the correct language is being shown in Google Assistant. However, same problem exists. Hope this helps your dev guys.

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Just a thought which may, or may not, help solve the problem but these issues seem to have occurred quite recently so I’m wondering if it could in anyway be connected with the recent Deezer iOS14 updates.

This is happening to me as well. Everything is reset but I keep getting something is wrong when I ask my google home to play something. This is definitely a Deezer issue. I've had Spotify, YouTube music and tidal and have not experienced this other than with Deezer. Fix this please. This is super annoying

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Hey Rudy, any updates here? This has been broken for weeks. This bug is causing a lot of frustration in my household. My kid can't even use his goodnight routine because it is set to play a playlist! 

If it doesn't get fixed soon, I'm afraid I'll need to cancel and move to another service to appease my family.

Also, it would be nice if you had some continuous testing to catch problems like this, since apparently even your devs don't use all features of your product if it can go unnoticed add unfixed for so long (same with Google, I swear the Assistant/Home devs don't use the product at all!).

Same issue here! 

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Same issue here. It will play “My Flow” but none of my playlists. Tried all the things others have tried above. Reset the Mini, unlinked, relinked, logged out, in, etc., etc. Not happy. I use Deezer directly from my Mini 100% of the time, so if this stops working I’m canceling my subscription as it’s useless to me. 

When asking google home to play a playlist she says “sorry something went wrong, please try again”.

she can play specific songs, but no playlists. 

I have tried unlinking the account and delinking but this hasn’t worked. Help!!

Same problem here. Neither Google Assistant on my mobile or Google home will play Deezer playlists. If asked, it can play specific songs or Flow. Can Cast my playlists from my mobile to Google Home if I set it up using the Deezer app. This is a recent problem. Very annoying.

Hi, we just bought our Google Home Minis a couple days ago and we just encountered this error as well. Looking forward to any responses.

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When can we get this problem fixed please?

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Just chiming in to add my own frustration and inability to troubleshoot myself by resetting devices, routers, etc.  

I would say I first noticed this as an issue a few weeks ago (someone suggested a Deezer update may be related to this issue - not sure if the timing matches or not.)   And at least for me, everything else still seems to work - I can ask Google to play artists, specific songs, or Flow - it’s only Playlists that are broken.  

It would also be awesome if people reporting this issue could somehow sign up to be notified when the issue was resolved by Deezer’s developers.  

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still no fix, but raised it with the live chat, who said to speak to Google about the issue, so they have been trying for the past few days to fix. Even had to send them a video of google not being able to help. Still no solution but will let you all know once I hear back. 

Feels like either google or Deezer have done an upgrade and it has knocked it out. What a pain. 

@Rudi - this has really affected my listening habits this month - presume you will be sending a voucher to everyone affected?

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Hi both,

I have exact same issue and started another thread to cover it off, I also raised a direct help chat with Deezer who told me it was google. Google are still working on it. Will let you know when I have heard back

Thank you @nickren 

Can you paste a link to your thread here please?

That way not only can I find what you put but also others who may find my thread can find yours too.

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try this:

Topic link

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Same here, no more playlists on Google Home / Nest / Mini for weeks now. "An Error has occured. Please try again whenever you are ready..."

It is so frustrating. 


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If this isn’t fixed really soon, am going to switch to another service. Between this & the shuffle not actually being random, there’s no way for me to enjoy listening. I use my Google Mini exclusively for this and it just isn’t working. Too many downsides now. Shame. 

Me too. Very frustrating.