Force Deezer to stay on an artist when asking to play via Google Assistant. (Do not want random artists)

  • 21 October 2021
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Is there a way to force Deezer to stay on an artist? I normally control Deezer via google assistant. If I say "play the beetles", I will get one or two songs by the beetles and the rest will be random selections. It would be helpful to be able to adjust how much it strays from the original request. Some days I just want to hear the one artist. I know the voice assistant is working as it acknowledges “Playing the Beetles on Deezer” when I request the Beetles 

If this feature doesn’t exist - It needs to. 

1 reply

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Hey @chcguy88 can you please confirm that you are using the following voice command?: “Ok Google, play (artist name) on Deezer