Flow plays the song despite I marked it as "don't recommend it"

  • 19 December 2018
  • 4 replies

When I play flow, Deezer plays me songs, I've marked as "don't recomment it" before. Only the mark is highlighted as blue.
How can I block and nevermore listen songs I don't want to on my Flow?

4 replies

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Hi there, sorry about that. Can you tell me on which device this is happening? Which version of the app do you have installed?
Deezer 4.0.5 Windows 10. But it also happens on my Android device version
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Hi there, please keep marking as "don't recommend it". Usually when you click on it once, it won't play on that day, if you click another time for the second time, it won't play for a while, if you click for the third time, it will get banned. 😉
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With (the main) Flow you're better off changing your listening preferences rather than waiting on it to pick up on yours.