Fitbit Ionic Playlist doesn't show all songs (yes my phone app does?)

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Yes exactly, I see they fix it months ago, but now we experiencing it in 2020, so whatever they did last year, can they do the same fix again. They would be very helpful. 

Yes exactly @Moses Montana. I see they fixed it months ago when there was people complaining.  Whatever they did last year to fix this problem, they need to do again because now we experiencing that in 2020. We need a solution for this ASAP please.

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Hi @Kaikai24  & @Moses Montana 


Can you try creating and syncing a different playlist - perhaps created from something older in your catalogue (I think the probably is only with certain releases but I might be wrong).

Thanks for getting back to me, let me try. @Rob Igo 

No I can’t I tried @Rob Igo 

Ayyyyyyyyy deezer finally works again for me!!!! 

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Hi @Kaikai24@Moses Montana thank you for letting us know. I forwarded this technical issue for you a few days ago. Could you please let me know whether the synchronisation of all songs on your Fitbit is working now? Thank you :slight_smile: