Firefox and Deezer: Your computer seems to be offline. We'll keep trying to reconnect.

  • 16 October 2020
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Hi Deezer People,


I experience a strange behavior on deezer these days.

I’m on linux Ubuntu 18, Firefox 81.0.2. Deezer family pack.

No ad Block, no Tracker blocker.

This message is displayed : “Your computer seems to be offline. We'll keep trying to reconnect.”

I can play the music but all the pictures are gone.


Works well on Chrome at the same time.

Hope it’s help.

I wish you a nice day. Love Deezer.


Christophe Hubert


Best answer by Christophe Hubert 17 November 2020, 16:08

Solve !

I had an User-Agent Switcher set to another user agent browser and desktop .

By selecting default user agent , all is right, deezer load well, with images and sound


Deezer is working with :

Protection Firefox : On

Protection DuckDuckGo : On

User-Agent Switcher : default user agent


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38 replies

>Your computer seems to be offline. We'll keep trying to reconnect.

Same issues on macOS 10.15.7 and Firefox 81.0.2.
Will check firefox on linux later to confirm.

>No ad Block, no Tracker blocker.
I’m running pihole as my DNS, so it may block some requests, but it worked fine before for more than a year with it

Same here on Linux Mint and Firefox

Same on Windows 10 with Firefox  81.0.2.

likewise, other browsers work fine. at least Edge and Chrome

Seems to be a conflict between Deezer and something new in this version of Firefox.

I take it Deezer tech support do have a presence on this forum?

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Hey @timyyy46 @SuddenGunter @Christophe Hubert @caerwyn 

Thank you for reporting it here and for your patience. I've had the same on my Edge, weird enough. But I've cleared cache and cookies and it helped. Could you please try it and let me know how it goes?

Hi,  I have the same problem on both desktop and laptop running linux mint 19 and 20 with firefox 81.0.2.

I’ve emailed support and they have also told me to clear cache and cookies and to reinstall firefox but none of those things helped.

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Hi Rudi,

Clearing the cache and cookies doesn’t help on firefox81 Linux.

Same here on Ubuntu 20.04, using control-F5 allows to get back to normal till the next access.

I’m using web UI. Since yesterday, images aren’t loading. And I can see this error repeated multiple times in the Console:


Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS request did not succeed).


I’m using Firefox 82.0, 64-bit on Gnu/Linux Mint 20

I had the same issue, with the added problem of no longer being able to log in with e-mail + password (I had unlinked google/fb accounts). I am on windows 10, latest firefox.

Solution for me: turning the site privacy protection option from the duckduckgo extension off.

I am having the same problem. Same error message and can’t see the pictures. I have to quit using Firefox for Deezer as a result and had to reinstall Chrome. If we pay for this service we should be able to contact Deezer directly and not just hope they read these community entries. 

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It is fixed by Firefox 82 ! Ouf.

I updated to Firefox 82 yesterday and cleared the cache and history, etc. It does not fix the problem for me. I am considering moving to another streaming service if this can’t be fixed.

Firefox 82 user here, still doesn’t work

Same problem on Windows 10 and Firefox 82.0

After longing out, closing tab, cleaning cache and cookies and afterwards restarting browser I managed to overcame this issue. BUT next time I log in the problem appears once again!

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Hi everyone, @timyyy46 @Joseph Dubonnet @Christophe Hubert @Dragan.Matic @SuddenGunter @caerwyn @Julien Lauper @timerooster @Wuolitron @Joao.Goncalves @aidingh 

I've collected all your details from here and have made a full report to our devs for investigation. Thank you for the information and for your patience, I'll get back once there are updates :thumbsup_tone2:

Same here (Firefox 81 on Solus 4.1 Fortitude). ctrl+F5 helped for now. Was unable to show pics and to play any music.

+1, tried in both Linux and Windows 10

Gives me message no internet always 

Any solution 

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Thank you @limburg @nmontalva your report helps our devs sort this out, I've forward your Deezer details to them :thumbsup_tone2:

Hey @Mo'men.Shams I've moved your comment here, is the same happening to you? (as above)

When streaming from Deezer in Firefoz 82.0.2,

Firefox crashes after a while.

Have had this several times.

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Hey @Mpwkraats 

Apologies for the experience - could you please confirm if it's related to the issue described above? Thank you :thumbsup_tone2:

Same for me on macos + firefox 82.0.2 : your computer seems to be offline.

Same problem on Linux Lubuntu firefox 78.0.2 : your computer seems to be offline.

When I open in Firefox on macOS it shows a giant full screen semi-transparent black rectangle on top of the content, without any buttons. It makes the site unusable as I can’t click on anything.


It seems that this is supposed to be a cookie banner with some buttons but the buttons are not visible.




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Hey @serjio 

Please try clearing cache and cookies from your browser and try again :thumbsup_tone2:

@orange1999 @xl64 thanks for reporting it as well :v_tone2: