Favourite tracks playlist does not show all my favourite songs

  • 23 April 2019
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I am facing an issue since last week concerning my favorite tracks.

  • The last songs I added to my favorite tracks disappeared (they were there last week and they are not any more)
  • When I look for the song in the search bar and I go to the artist page, I can see that the heart is clicked so they should appear in the favorite tracks
  • I saw that there was a limit to 1000 or 2000 tracks but I have only 222 tracks in this playlist
I do not understand what happening. Can you help me please ?

Thank you in advance.

9 replies

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HI there, sorry about that. Can you please tell on which device this is happening? Which version of Deezer do you have installed? Please try to reinstall the app to solve the issue.
Same happens for me. I am using Deezer website...I have added some tracks to favorites, those tracks in the search results are marked as present in my Favorites, however when I go to the Favorites playlist there is no such track there.

I only have 200 tracks in the playlist.

What is going on there? This is pretty frustrating.
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Hi @Karol Bryd that is very strange. Can you give me a specific example?
Hi @Flo.Deezer
Here it is a screenshot showing my mobile app (Android) and Deezer web player. The issue happens all the time, not sure how to reproduce it but I guess just adding a track to favorites from mobile app is enough. I tried logging out from the account on the web but it did not help.

Please fix it, I am close to move all playlists to Spotify and close account due to those small yet irritating issues on Deezer.

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Hi there @Karol Bryd

Sorry that's happening. I've had a look at your account and unlinked the devices and Google login. I've also sent you a password reset email, so if you don't mind, could you please change your password and login directly with email and not using Google? Let me know how it goes.
hi @Rudi

It did not change anything.

Clearly the code responsible for handling favorites is broken. Please pass the below description to the DEV team, currently Deezer is unusable and ureliable for me and I am switching to Spotify, when you fix the problem I will consider returning as I generally prefer Deezer, but when it works.

Here is description of the problem:

  1. On the web I have 202 fav tracks, I have enabled sorting by Recently Added and the first three tracks are: End of Romance, Slow Dancing..., Bad Boys
  2. On the mobile app it also shows I have 202 fav tracks. BUT even though ordering is the same the three first songs are: Cycle, Autumn Wind, End of Romance (and then the playlist is the same on both mobile and web)
  3. Now something interesting happens, on the mobile app I un-like the first song Cycle, number of tracks get decreased to 201 BOTH on the mobile app and web player! Even though the web player still does not display Cycle in the fav list.
  4. When I like the Cycle song again it gets displayed in favs on mobile app but even though count is still 202 on the web the song is not there. Logging out and back does not resolve the problem, switching browser does not solve the problem.
Hello, my deezer quite often deletes my downloaded music, mostly when I add something to my favorites and also when I remove something myself, it suddenly tells me that I have only 1000 songs in the playlist even though on the main page it says that my playlist has 1309 songs. After some time the songs reappear but they aren't downloaded so they have to be downloaded again. It's really infuriating to be honest.
I have Android 10, Google pixel 3.
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Hi there @Karol Bryd

Thank you for your honest and detailed feedback. I've passed to our devs, who are currently investigating the issue 👍🏼
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Hey @Martin Vrbik

Sorry that's happening. I've passed your feedback on so that it can be investigated.