Downloaded songs disappeared

  • 8 January 2019
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Good evening.

For all purposes, I am tickled pink and ticked off and really not in the mood for excuses..

Your app keeps throwing my downloads away, canceled my vodacom subscription and then I went and paid again for the premium subscription. Hoping all would go well and that this problem would stop.

It didn't. I had my tech guys look at's not my laptop's fault. Apparently it's a problem coming from your app. So could we please find a solution because you as a company are costing me unnecessary data for a premium package because I need to keep downloading everything over and over again. And I am tired of this nonsense.


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R. Prinsloo

1 reply

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Hi @Rensche

Have you got the latest version of our app? Deezer doesn't delete downloads, but you may have cleared your app cache. Let me know if the problem continues.