does not work on lg smart tv

  • 11 October 2021
  • 8 replies

Stays on launching screen and never log in. Reinstall does not help.

8 replies

Hi Jaime,

Unfortunately, since this morning, the WebOS Deezer app displays a black screen without any error message. Does not load, practically it does nothing, just displays a black screen. It worked fine on saturday. It’s a (new) known issue? 

It’s something can be done to avoid this series of problems on LG WebOS devices?

Thank you!

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Glad to hear that @Bogdan7676. Let us know if something goes wrong again. :nerd:

Hello Alfredo, Andrey.

It seems that the problem has been fixed. Since this morning the Deezer application works again on my LG TV without any app update. Probably a server side solution.

Best regards.

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Hello @jelena.ko 

We will update all our users as soon as it has been fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hello, same problem here. But this not working for a 7 days now..when will bee working?

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Hello @Andrey.Sitkov  thanks for your comments.
As soon as it is fixed we will update you and all users in the community.
Thanks for your patience :)



when do you anticipate the problem will be resolved? Can I help from my end (e.g. update the certificate somehow)? As the money for subscription are regularly taken, I wonder if you, Guys, plan any compensation?

if the issue going to be long lasting I would appreciate fair comment on that, as I would need to move to some other streaming service.


thank you in advance,




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Hello @Andrey.Sitkov 

We are experiencing some issues at the moment.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused,

Thank you