Desktop App for Mac OS X Lion

  • 12 January 2019
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hi, guys!
I have a problem because i can't listening my favourite songs through my Macbook.
Moreover, I listen music only through using laptop.
I will be really be happy if you can help me!
Best regards, Zhenia)

5 replies

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Hi there, can you please explain in more detail what exactly is not working? We do not have any problems at the moment with the Desktop app on Mac. Please describe exactly what is not working and what is being displayed. In general try to first uninstall and reinstall the app 😉
I can't install app in my Mac OS X 10.7(
min. version OS 10.9.
Can you send me old version of the app for 10.7?
Thank you for your response!
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Hi there @Yevhenii Vernyhora

We can only provided our app's latest version. Perhaps you should try to upgrade your OS if the MacBook is compatible.
Also, you can listen to Deezer via a web browser 😉
I'm trying to listen to Deezer on an old Macbook who can run OSX 10.7.5, no more upgrade is possible.
The available app requires OSX 10.9 to run, safari wan't show the deezer website at all, deezer on chrome and firefox says that can't play because of the browser is no longer supported (and yes, no upgrade is possible).
Is there a way to download (as any software do) an old version that i can run on 10.7?
Hi @Yevhenii Vernyhora same issue here.
No possible upgrade, no available app or player on browser.
Did you solve in any way