Deezer - Windows problem

  • 13 January 2019
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Hi. I am using Deezer on Windows and it is not working . I have uninstall and reinstall the app and nothing has changed I clicked on the app and it is not opening . Please put back the previous version it worked very well. Thank you.

12 replies

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Hi there, sorry about that. Please make sure you have the app installed on the C drive, this has helped many users solve problems with it. If this does not help please describe the problem in more detail.

I only have Local Disk (C:) and DVD RW Drive (D:). You said to move it to drive C and it is already in drive C. It only works for a while after I uninstall it and then reinstall it.

When I click to open the app and this pop-up box appears. I went to the Windows Store and clicked on Launch for the app and the same box appears. See attachment for picture.

I do not understand what is the problem and how to fix. So far, nothing you said did not help.
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Hi there @T.K.B

Perhaps you could try something different after uninstalling the app. Go to your start menu and type %appdata% and delete the Deezer folder. Then try reinstalling the app and see if it works.

There is no Deezer folder when I did the search. When I go to AppData - Local - Packages - The Deezer folder is there. I deleted everything and reinstall the app as you said.

The app did open and played songs normal for few days but then when I shut down my laptop or restart, the pop up would show up again. See attachment for picture.

I was told to Run as administrator and nothing would happen.

My laptop is not recognizing Deezer and I do not know why.
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Hi there @T.K.B

Have you tried reinstalling but then using the 'run as administrator' option?
So delete that Deezer folder again and try to reinstall, but when you do this, run as administrator to see if the issue continues.
Hi Rudi

I went through each folder individually because it would would say I need permission from the administrator (which I am) and I was stuck with one folder which wouldn't let me delete because of that problem.

So I went ahead and reinstall and the deezer app and I click on run as administrator, then it said moved to virus chest on avast and I went and removed it. See attachment for picture.

Then I click on the Deezer and this black screen appeared saying Not Responding so I went on Task Manager and end the program. See attachment for picture.

Again clicked on the app and it said Windows Defender Firewall has blocked some features of this app. I clicked on Allow access. See attachment for picture.

Now the app has opened and I was able to sign in and everything loaded. I opened and closed the app a few times just to make sure it would work.

Usually it would work for a few days and then the pop up would say Windows cannot find 'C:\Program.
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Hey @T.K.B

Very detailed report, thanks a bunch.

The way I see it you've dug deep and explored all the options I wanted you to try. But now that you mentioned you have Avast, I'm wondering if that's affecting the app.
I've noticed some other users reporting issues related to Avast that we thought were resolved. Have a look at this topic to see what I mean.
At the moment, we're investigating this antivirus issue, so if the app stops working after a couple of days, please let me know.

Furthermore, if the app is working fine for a couple of days, the installation should be ok. But it could also be a problem of storage location. Have a look at the app's settings to see if it's saving data where it shouldn't.

Keep me posted!
Hi Rudi,

I am having the same problem when I click on the app from the taskbar the pop up would say Windows cannot find 'C:\Program.
Hi. I spoke to Deezer Help on Twitter on Feb 20th and they suggested the following:

Hi Tiffany, we have found a solution, please disable your firewall but before that uninstall the app and when you have disabled the firewall download the app again and this should work. Please let me know if you still have issues after doing this

I did as they said and it did work for a while but only a few days ago it stop working and it said the same thing windows cannot find program. I uninstall it and the app did open when reinstall but for some reason my Windows Defender Firewall and Avast still blocks the app.

Another thing is on the Daily Inspired Playlist it would play the first 7 songs and stop. If I click on another song it would play the 7th song again.
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Hi there @T.K.B

After checking this with colleagues alike, the issue seems to be with how your system is picking it up. You need to try to add the Deezer app as part of the exceptions/exclusions for both the Firewall and Avast. That would be my main suggestion.

I'd also update Windows and Avast Virus Definitions.
Hi Rudi

As usual Deezer did worked for a while but I am having the same problem again when I click on the app from the taskbar the pop up would say Windows cannot find 'C:\Program.

You said:

You need to try to add the Deezer app as part of the exceptions/exclusions for both the Firewall and Avast.

I looked into it to try that but it is too complicated to attempt that I am afraid that I mess up my laptop.

I am so fed up of having this problem. I do not understand why this is something I have to fix on my end.

The Deezer app should be normal to install without any exceptions. I wish I could use Spotify.
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Hi there @T.K.B

I get your point. Perhaps you should speak to our support team and they can guide you to follow a step by step process. Give it a go and let me know!