Deezer plays wrong versions of songs on Google Nest/Android Auto

  • 20 April 2021
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I have a Google Nest Hub Max that is connected to my Deezer Premium account. I also have Android Auto.

Whenever I ask Deezer to play a song, it chooses weird versions and wouldn’t budge.


For example:
“Hey Google, Play Hotel California by The Eagles” → Plays Hotel California (Cover Version) - The Eagles Tribute

“Hey Google, Play Thriller by Michael Jackson” → Plays Thriller (Instrumental) - Michael Jackson

“Hey Google, Play Viva la Vida by Coldplay” → Plays Viva La Vida - Stereo Avenue

“Hey Google, Play The Scientist by Coldplay” → Plays The Scientist - Coldplay Tribute

“Hey Google, Play Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana” → Plays Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live) - Nirvana


Also if I just ask “Play Coldplay”, I get a random collection of songs instead of actually listening to Coldplay.


What’s going on here?


Best answer by Ahmed Sabbour 20 April 2021, 23:22

Apparently this is also the case with Google Assistant on Android.

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8 replies

Apparently this is also the case with Google Assistant on Android.

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This is something we're currently working with Google on improving @Ahmed Sabbour thanks for the feedback!

Well this used to work properly, but either you or Google have done something that broke the integration, and it seems to have been going on for a while now.

Do you have developers working on this at all or are you just cruising with the current app raking in subscription profits while saying things like "We do not have a release timeline or deadlines, as the workload not only depend on us. We do not have totally control on this or direct input."?

This doesn't instill much confidence that there is any sense of urgency in getting this fixed.

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There is as much urgency as we can basically put in it @Ahmed Sabbour thank you for your feedback and for your utmost patience :pray_tone2:

so this isn't fixed.  I've never encountered this problem before with Spotify and amazon music.  So I not able to stream the songs i want while driving unless they are downloaded.  Man that a deal breaker unless you guys have a fix

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Thanks for the feedback @Grizmodo and apologies for the way you feel.

If the integration depended only on us, we could've been a bit quicker sorting this out. I'll let the right teams know about your experience.

This is a big issue for my family too.


Every song we ask for is now some abstract version of what we are asking for.


For example, play Taylor swift - shake it off and we get some strange acoustic version..


Baby shark gives us some wierd Chinese phong phong song. List goes on.


We have been patient. Need this fixed quickly please. 

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Hey @Lachos 

Thanks for the feedback, and obviously for the patience. What are your language settings on the Nest? (country and language)

I've got kids, the Baby Shark original song is actually made by Pink Fong (if that's what you meant) :sweat_smile:

We're currently working with Google on improving the integration but it's the type of work that takes time. Stay tuned and keep us posted on your experience!