Deezer only plays one song then stops on website and on Desktop app

I am having the same issues as these topics created 1 year ago - the website as well as the windows app will only play a single song - but once if finishes the music stops and it will not continue playing anything after. You also cannot hit the next song button once it completes - only can use the play button to continue listening to the same song unless you refresh the page.

website does not freeze - but it just does not function when you press buttons.

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I am having the same issue for about two weeks. Tried different browsers as well as the desktop app. Hell, I even used different OS (ubuntu) but the issue still exists. Any solution?
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Hi @Drixxum @Suf that is strange, we were not able to reproduce this I am afraid. Can you please tell me all technical details such as which Browser you are using, which version of the Browser and which OS and which version of the Desktop app?

Please note that we do not support Ubuntu officially so we are not able to fix problems for this OS.