Deezer not working on Android TV Mi box

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Jerem92 wrote:

I am having the same problem, since I turned my tv box (Beelink GT1) from Stock Android to Android TV.
I have a Deezer Premium Family account.
With Android Stock, all was OK, but with Android TV , same behaviour as Julio Martinez.
Android TV Deezer version is 2.0.4

Hi there, we do have an issue with Android tv and mi box at the moment, I'm afraid! We have already passed it on to our devs and hopefully it will be fixed soon!
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Hi @czech, @Peter J. Greguss, @Edd.Johnson, @Akukacz, @Julio Martinez, @Willian Ferreira Dos Santos and @Jerem92, I'm so sorry for taking so long to get in touch again! Our devs have now confirmed that this issue was fixed! Please let me know if everything is ok from your side!
Still the same problem, impossible to use Deezer on my Xiaomi MiBox 3

v. 2.0.5 for Android TV installed from Google Play store
Everything updated
У меня также проблема. Mi Box TV, приложение Deezer обновлено, но музыка не воспроизводится. Время трека стоит на месте.
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Hi @intrux @lion2000 the problem was supposed to be fixed, but I will follow up on this with our developers and tell them you still have problems.
Why is there Deezer Ap on the Android TV playstore if the app is not able to work on a Mi Box 3 which is one of the most popular Android TV device?

Still have the same problem with the music not starting to play