Deezer leaving Roku.

  • 12 September 2021
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A pop-up came up on my TV as I went to Deezer, saying it will no longer be available from 12/10/2021. Why is this happening? 

3 replies

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I saw this yesterday.


deezer leaving roku - on reddit

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I think is going to end. Customer loss guaranteed.

I see that they have little to no resources on every device/app.

This is sad, but nothing will change if they want to do something, they need to free resources from let’s say Roku development. Might be Spotify available on that device, so food for thoughts.

I personally left them just because how slow development is.

When competition can provide with 9,99 or 10,99 Hi Fi sound, Deezer is in trouble now.

Qobuz, Tidal and Deezer are all in problems currently as their Hi Fi perk is no more a perk. People can find anywhere else Hi Fi streaming portal for same price or less and with more features.

You can get full working product today, not in 25 years with Deezer. Thanks a lot.

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I recently read that Roku plans to expand very strongly into Europe, especially Germany, soon.

So it's a bit irritating for me that the cooperation with Deezer ends in October.