Deezer HiFi with Chromecast audio

  • 16 June 2020
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Hi guys, 

I have some questions regarding Deezer Hifi subscription and connection with Chromecast audio. First, when I play music on my phone, I can see in the left bottom corner on the album cover HiFi label for some songs so I know that they are HiFi quality, but when I play music on the website I can’t see that label, so my question is why is that and how can I know if song is HiFi quality when I play it from the browser? Second, I have Chromecast audio connected to integrated amplifier via toslink cable (I read that Chromecast audio is capable for streaming HiFi quality) and when I stream music from my phone using Deezer app, I do not see HiFi label on songs, as I see it when I do not stream music but just playing it. So, why is that and whether the songs that are streamed using phone are streamed in HiFi quality? And lastly, if I play music using Google Chrome browser on my computer, and stream music using its “Cast” functionality, whether the songs are streamed in HiFi quality or not?

So, first question is about basic music play and second and third are about streaming music using Chromecast audio. 

I am sorry if questions are a little bit confusing, but honestly I am confused as well so I really hope someone will try to answer me, I would really appreciate your help :)

Thanks in advance and have a nice day :) 

3 replies

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Hi there @lukkov 

No problem, thank you for asking your questions.

All ways of streaming above are HiFi enabled - the thing with the label is a known problem been looked into, don't worry about it - and because our FLAC catalogue is vast, chances are that majority of what you play is in HiFi. You can always double-check with the track on your phone, but I can tell you that you're streaming in HiFi :wink:

Have a nice weekend!

I had Deezer Premium my music was not playing for me, I changed to Deezer HiFi I,m paid $12.99 a month for this I not getting no music from my app, I need my music or my refund.

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Hi there @carterrenaldo1 

Sorry to hear that.

What's happening? Are you getting an error message? Is this happening with random or the same tracks? Let us know what device, OS and app version you've got, and we can try to help!

Also, have you tried reinstalling the app and restarting your device to see if it helps?