Deezer HiFi for Denon HEOS

  • 10 November 2018
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I noted the HS2 versions of the heos speakers support "high resolution" audio and lists that it will play flac files. Does this mean this version of the heos range can now play Deezer HiFi at HiFi quality?

Anyone any experience with the HS2 version of the heos speakers?

I note that deezer doesn't use the "hifi" logo next to these speakers on the their list of compatible speakers, but I'm hoping this is in relation to the previous version since deezer are rather slow to update things.
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In the meantime Denon UK got back to me directly. Here's their response. Seems their team has also "wish-lisyed" it. Not sure whether Denon or Deezer need to push this!

Good Morning Ian,

Thank you for your enquiry. At this precise moment in time the Deezer Hifi tier is not natively supported at this time I'm afraid.

Unfortunately we don't have any kind of an ETA at this time, but I do know it was put on our wishlist with our development team some time ago.

Denon Customer Support
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Hi again @evel79

I've replied on another topic. Please check the HiFi compatible devices here 😉