Deezer HiFi Casting from iOS App - Chromecast vs Airplay vs other

  • 30 August 2020
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I’m a happy HiFi subscriber and would like to confirm optimal setup that will allow:

  1. Casting original flac files to my stereo setup to ensure highest quality 
  2. Using original Dezzer app rather that MusicCast/PlayFi/etc that have limited functionality compared to Deezer app.

In short, I’d like maintain hifi quality to my stereo system (DAC + stereo amplifier) and manage the playback using Deezer App. 


Until now, I’ve assumed the only option to have it is to cast using Chromecast. So I did, using ChromeCast audio, then thru optical to DAC and finally the amplifier.

Hoverer caveat here is that regardless of settings in application, I actually don’t know what quality is casted - I don’t see HiFi label on album picture. 

Recently I found that I can also cast using Airplay to my Apple TV 4K. The sound is going thru TV in this setup but application claims it casts hifi stream - I see HiFi label on album picture. It is also better in a way that I can cast in random order which is not possible thru Chromecast.


Now, I’m confused as to how I should cast songs to my stereo to be sure I’m casting hifi flacs. Please advise. 

  1. Can you confirm that I’m casting HiFi flacs to Chromecast Audio even though no label is shown to confirm that? (Of course, both quality and casting quality in setting are set to Hifi) 
    If yes, can you improve the app so it will always show what quality is casted. I think it is important for all those HiFi subscribers in search of the best quality :) 
  2. Do you have plans to have random playback enabled when casting to Chromecast from iOS App? 
  3. Can you explain what is casted when using AirPlay as application claims it is Hifi? 
    Is it FLAC, ALAC or sth else? 
    (iPhone X to AppleTV 4K) 
  4. Do you have some other recommendation of equipment (network players) that will allow to cast HIFI streams but still manage the playback with original Deezer App? 
    i.e. Cambridge Audio CXN 2 network player does not have built-in Deezer app but has Chromecast built-in. I’m looking for sth that I can connect to my DAC and then stereo amplifier. 

Thanks for your help and suggestions.


6 replies

One thing what i can tell you exactly, its what ChromeCast Audio use NOT lossless quality. I was record digital stream from spdif out of ChromeCast to my audiointeface, and i can assume, what this stream its very bad lossy quality.… Even not 320 and not 256 kbs, but 192....


But looks like deezer developers doesn't bother with this at all for many years...

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Thank you for your honest and detailed feedback, Hubert @awaken2k Thank you for your contribution as well @taravasya :thumbsup_tone2:

For our HiFi compatible devices, please see our devices' page here

When streaming via AirPlay, this feature converts the audio to their own Apple Lossless format.

To ensure you're streaming in FLAC via Chromecast, please make sure your settings follow this:

When you speak about random playback, could you be more specific? Are you referring to shuffle mode?

Thank you for your understanding!

Yes, when casting to chromecast I’m unable to shuffle the songs in playlist. 

Can you comment on taravayasa’s claim?

To be specific - what quality is streamed to chromecast audio (not chromecast) when hifi is selected in casting options?

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Hey @awaken2k 

While I'm not an expert, our devs confirmed that the app casts in HiFi:

FLAC - 16-bit 1,411 kbps
Lossless, CD-quality

And yes, shuffle isn't available yet but our devs are also aware and this is in their backlog for development :thumbsup_tone2:

Hey @Rudi 

Thanks for clarification re Chromecast Audio and shuffle functionality. 


In the meantime I saw multiple threads here about support for Chromecast Audio, no HIFI label when casting, etc 

I think you should have always up-to-date and detailed information on your HiFi support page.

For example, it lacks information about Chromecast Audio support (it is important to state the Audio part here), Airplay 2, Play-Fi (Arcam, Audiolab, Klipsh network players and many others), Cambridge Audio network players (chromecast built-in!), and so on.

For HiFi enthusiasts out there, this is critical to decide what hardware is essential to have Hifi support from Deezer.

For me at least, Deezer is a very good compromise between:

  1. great social and music discovery features in Spotify (which lacks stream quality)
  2. hi-res in Tidal (which is very bad in suggestions)

You offer Flac streams with a very good flow functionality, it’s your differentiator and therefore should be emphasised and always up-to-date. Especially when ‘traditional’ hifi manufacturers seem to be slow in streaming adoption ;)