Deezer Functionality on Yamaha Musiccast (i.e. R-N602)

  • 28 September 2021
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Hi Folks!

My question is why Deezer functionality like sorting favorite lists, albums etc. and setting order are disabled on Yamaha Musiccast app? Tidal has it, Spotify works straight from their app. Whether you plan to implement these features or not at all? Is it hard to make? Is someone working about it?

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5 replies



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Hi @michal.wiatr I have asked our developers and will get back to you soon.

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My Yamaha RX-V685 keeps bugging me to update its firmware.  The Setup UI of the receiver gives my current version as 1.72 and offers to update it to 1.96.  When I first connected MusicCast to the receiver, it offered me a much higher version (>2.0, but I don‘t remember the version). MusicCast still offers to update the receiver firmware, but no longer reveals which version it wants to install.  I am reluctant to update after reading several threads here about problems with Deezer following firmware updates. What experience do Deezer users report with the firmware version 1.96?

Other than the failure to synchronize the NET Radio favorites in MusicCast with those displayed directly on the receiver, MusicCast seems to do what I need with the current receiver firmware version (1.72).  Beyond gettting rid of the persistent nagging to update, why should I update my receiver firmware?

Is there a new(er) version of Yamaha‘s receiver firmware whioch has proved to work problem-free with Deezer?


To be clear: I have never had stability issues with deezer on musiccast. It is just lack of options I need and are present in deezer app natively. At least sorting options like in tidal's section of musiccast app. 

If you have firmware update kind of issues You should call Yamaha service. 


Hi @michal.wiatr I have asked our developers and will get back to you soon.

Any news?