Deezer does not install on samsung smart tv

Recently bought Samsung 75” smart tv model code: QE75Q67TAUXXC …

I tried downloading Deezer app from Samsung store, it waits for a while as if it is downloading but does not, as it keeps showing “install” button in the store. I tried downloading Spotify etc, and that installs perfectly … I see the app version available is 1.0.25 updated 24/9/2020


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Hi there @Ameed 

We're sorry to tell you that our TV app has been removed because of the issues it had. We're working on developing a new app for Samsung and LG TVs in the future, so please stay tuned to our community and in the meantime, perhaps consider a Chromecast integration. Thank you for your understanding :pray_tone2:

Is this issue still a thing after 3 months, i can’t seem to install the app.

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Thanks for reaching out, @Orhon!

The good news is that we're developing an updated app for Samsung TVs, so please hang in there and stay tuned to the community for updates :v_tone2:

Please confirm if there has been any progress with the Deezer app. on  Samsung TVs 

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Yes! @Lng 

We'll be expanding with more news and info very soon. I'll keep you posted! :wink:

I raised a similar concern with Deezer at the beginning of May 2021


It would be great if Deezer could get the App working again on my Samsung Smart TVs


….. I’d been happily using the Deezer App on my Samsung Smart TV for some time.
In the last few days it's stopped working.
It freezes on the welcome page with a spinning wheel.
I've tried reinstalling the App.
Deezer App version is 3.008 from Samsung
Samsung Smart TV is a UE40ES6900


Deezer told me that there is an issue with Samsung TV and (Deezer’s) working on fixing it. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause! 

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We're very close to have a new app landing on your TV @Chris25 please hang in there!

Thanks so much for the prompt reply, Rudi.  I’m definitely hanging in there :)


I love Deezer, I think it’s great.  However, I do really like the ability to run Deezer direct through my smart TV as it’s hooked up to my HiFi with hi-resolution sound from Deezer.


Looking forward to the New App

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It'll come with HiFi too @Chris25 :sunglasses: stay tuned and once more, thank you for your support!

Hi there Deezer.  Just wondering if there is any news or updates when the revised TV App will be available?

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Hey @Chris25 

Thanks for asking.

There has been a bit of a delay but not on our side - very soon we should be able to make an announcement. Stay tuned!