Deezer Desktop App - all feedback, bug reports, tip and ideas/suggestions here please!

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Hi there @flatrow

Have you tried clearing the app's cache? We've taken the feedback on anyway.

How can I clear cache? App preferences says it's zero bytes. Anyway pressed Clear all button. If it helps I'll let you know.

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Yes @flatrow that's the equivalent on the desktop app. You can also try to reinstall it, but remember to properly uninstall first, using an app which can delete all the data.
As of today, the login button is broken. It's faded out and doesn't work anymore.
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Hi there @Xinq

That's odd. Have you checked your network? Could you take us a screenshot? Have you tried reinstalling the app?

About the smart cache, it always show 0 Byte in my Win 10 Desktop app, since I updated it to v. 4.10.2. . Never changes... Did a reinstall, same thing.

Another thing, I prefer using the Shuffle my music function over Flow. I get a better mix with Shuffle my music, with Flow I get a lot of same songs playing with my favorite artist, not so varied mix.
It works better with the Android app, but I dont use that app very often.

Lastly a friend of mine got a mail that said you could change the background colors in the app with the latest update? I didnt get the mail myself, but is it possible to do?

Bets regards
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Hi @Stiflr_Swe the feature to change the background color has not been rolled out to all users yet, stay tuned 😉
Why I cant share my favourite song anymore? It used to work when I click the "heart" button and it shares to my Twitter..

and also, any news about being able to share to Facebook? Been months since I heard about it..
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The web player still has the option in its Share window to "Also share on Twitter", but the desktop app has not. Of course you could copy the track URL to your browser clipboard and post it manually on Twitter or Facebook. I think you can also add your Facebook friends to the people you are following on Deezer, so sharing a track with your followers would automatically include them. Check if you are connected to Twitter and Facebook in your Alerts & Sharing setting:

Last but not least there are some IFTTT applets which should work as well: