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The app update feature is broken on my Windows 7 pc, so I have to download from the site when it needs to update. It says in a little message box "Windows 7 or higher is required", I am running Windows 7 SP 1. Also, although the app isn't crashing, it will fail to play a song through often, generating an error message. Music will stop playing when this happens until you skip forward, I usually use a media key "skip forward" instead of using the mouse on the app interface, but either works.
Hi all, I have issue with Deezer helper process on mac.

Banner popup when pausing, skipping tracks still appears. Even after I disabled it in Windows 10. This also happens when the next track starts, it is very annoying when working as the notification covers some parts of my work where I need to click. Slows down the pace of my work.

I also could not find a setting in Deezer to disable this.

2 issues noticed on the Deezer 4.2.4 desktop app. Running windows 7.
  1. On exit, I get the following error message:

I have the same issue on windows 7 x64. The new update is very good but on exiting I got this error
The new update 4.2.5 still the same error on exiting!
I confirm. Error has still not been fixed on Deezer 4.2.5 Having the same issue from my side.Hello Deezer. This issue is still ongoing. When can we expect a fix for this one?Again, again and again, new update 4.3.4 still the same issue... Many problems and few solutions. I'm almost giving up on Deezer!
More than months with this error. I hope they fix it before christmas. Congratulations Deezer

If this error was not enough, now version 4.8.4 for windows is totally white, TOTALLY, my eyes bleed! Why do not change the side notification also to white? Congratulations again Deezer
When opening Deezer in Windows 8.1, it doesn't continue where I left... I have to go and find what I was listening before. In Android it doesn't have the same problem.
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Hey @Hautanen

We're working on testing the feature on mobiles first. Keep an eye for future updates 😉
I'm using Deezer 4.8.5, installed through the Microsoft Store, on a One-Netbook OneMix 2s Platinum. I've added some of my issues with the app, but these only very slightly impact my ability to fully use the app.

Issue 1

On some occasions, the Deezer processes will start using almost 80% of the available processor resources according to the task manager. I used tablet mode and i either closed Deezer or switched the active windows. After launching Deezer in desktop mode, I'm no longer able to replicate the behavior in tablet mode or desktop mode.

I'll try to give an update if I find a way to replicate the behavior again.

Issue 2

Scrollbars cover parts of the UI when the app scaling in Windows is set to 200%. There's an example in the attached image. This is probably because some margin or padding value doesn't sync correctly with the display scale.

Issue 3

My previously used playlist is forgotten on startup, and some playlist that's of unknown orgin to me is chosen.

Issue 4

The top menu is distracting, clunky, partially not implemented and unnecessary. Apart from manual app scale settings, the UI already has most of the functionality that's inside it. I'd like it hidden by default.
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Hey @Drauzor

Thank you for your detailed feedback. I'll pass it on 😉
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I came across a minor visual UI issue on the MacOS version.

The forward and back navigation arrows at the top of the side menu become white on hover and so disappear in the white background. Worth mentioning too that the default state grey is also pretty light against the white background, which makes them a little hard to spot.

Deezer version 4.8.4 (
MacOS version 10.14.5 (18F132)

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Hey @JPick

Many thanks for reporting this to us. I couldn't reproduce the hovering issue with the arrows on my side. Have you tried reinstalling the app? By the way, the GIF you posted didn't load, could you try it again so that I can have a look?
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Thanks @Rudi.

I've just uninstalled the app, downloaded it and reinstalled it, but the issue remains.

Here's the gif again (sorry that it didn't work above):

And for good measure, I've attached some static screenshots:


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Hey @JPick

Thanks for your input. All images are visible now, so I can pass your feedback directly to our Desktop App devs 😉
Youtube is lagging if it's running at the same time with Deezer on PC. If I have other Youtube windows open and running simultaneously, there are no issues. Heck I can even run the Witcher 3 at max settings and it still doesn't lag. Only with Deezer.
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Good observation @Ákos.Moldován I'll pass the feedback to our desktop app team, many thanks ;)
In the meantime, could you try reinstalling the app to see if there's an improvement?
I detect the bug. The songs with the same name indicate that play two songs.

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Hi @svdev these are two different versions of the song right? Can you tell us which version of the app you have and which operating system please?
Bug report:

Device: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) base model
OS: Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4.
App Version: 4.9.2
Applications installed: Xcode (10.2.1)


Try to spam on a breakpoint in Xcode project, just enable/disable. You will observe that the music starts to chew. Feels like a music start replay latest second of the song on every click on a breakpoint in Xcode.