Deezer Desktop App - all feedback, bug reports, tip and ideas/suggestions here please!

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Hi @Tony Jouls what do you mean exactly? Your friend is looking a your profile? It is very difficult to help your friend through you, please tell him to get in touch directly and we have a look 😉
As you can see, by going on my friend's favorite tracks, I may listen only 40 , while Tony added 1332 for that moment. I had no such problem before and I do not know what cause this problem. SO question is simple. WHY am I allowed to play only 40 songs, instead of all 1332?

@Rudi Thanks for passing the feedback to the devs.

Another issue I noticed yet. If Deezer is the only app playing sound, the monitor standby kicks an after the time period set in windows. As I'm using an AMD GPU (Vega 64) with ZeroCore Power feature and my sound device is the connected AVR (so sound is going over HDMI) disabling the monitor enables ZeroCore Power and this disables my sound completely.

To disable standby, foobar2000 has this feature to prevent standby while playing (Settings -> Playback).

It would be awesome if Deezer also had an option for it.
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Hi @Yegor Shpirko thank you for explaining in more detail. I have tested this and was able to reproduce the same problem. After some more testing it seems to happen on some accounts, not on all accounts. I have passed on a whole report to our developers, I hope they can do something about it as at the moment it does not appear that I can do something I am afraid. Please bear with us.
Couple of things on the Win7 desktop app:

1) Please let me deactive the notification when a new song plays. It's annoying.

2) A dark theme would be awesome.
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Hi @AlexandrB you should be able to disable the notifications in your system settings ;)

The dark theme is a very high request form users in general, hopefully we see something about that in the near future 😉
Hi everyone, I want to use deezer on my Surface 3 tablet, windows 10, 2gb Ram, Intel Atom processor, however I am having problems with the use of a processor that is always around 20% ... complicating other tasks I do while listening music... my question or maybe its subject, would be to have a lite interface (or select), this would reduce the cost of equipment resources...

Thanks for attention☺
FEATURE REQUEST: Seamless play.

It is anoying to listen albums that are ment to be continuous music when there is the small pause between each song instead of nice continuous flow like the album is ment to be played.
One example is Mike Oldfield The songs of distant earth. Ruins the experience sadly 😕
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HI @Pedro.Augusto.Santana @VoltagE if you want to suggest new features for the desktop app it is best to create an idea in our ideas forum, there might be already one that you can vote for 😉
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It crashes a lot, randomly (1 to 2 times per hour). It only happens when playing a new track (not downloaded).
The new app that you been screaming about DOES NOT INSTALL from Microsoft store. Please provide external link or fix this with microsoft.
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The new app that you been screaming about DOES NOT INSTALL from Microsoft store. Please provide external link or fix this with microsoft. . 😉
Desktop app keeps crashing when seeking forward.

This app in my experience is pretty damn useless! As a premium subscriber for over 3 years have to say, am starting to look elsewhere for a more robust streaming service.

It's not rocket science to build a reliable music app for windows.
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Hi there @Daniel.Gloyne

Sorry about that. Have you experienced this while streaming from our website for example? Or have you tried reinstalling the app to see any improvement?
2 issues noticed on the Deezer 4.2.4 desktop app. Running windows 7.
  1. On exit, I get the following error message:

I have the same issue on windows 7 x64. The new update is very good but on exiting I got this error
The new update 4.2.5 still the same error on exiting!
I confirm. Error has still not been fixed on Deezer 4.2.5 Having the same issue from my side.Hello Deezer. This issue is still ongoing. When can we expect a fix for this one?Again, again and again, new update 4.3.4 still the same issue... Many problems and few solutions. I'm almost giving up on Deezer!

More than months with this error. I hope they fix it before christmas. Congratulations Deezer
FYI today it crashes also on windows 10. First time bug looks like while(true). Restarting app helps, but it is annoying. For me, old AIMP works much better. Often I find music on deezer, download it and listen in AIMP
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Hi @Arseniy Molodtsov sorry about that. Have you tried to reinstall the app? Please make sure it is installed on C drive.
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Hi everyone.

On my PC App it certainly shows the little bell icon up the top right hand for notifications and feed. However, it now shows no content. It just says "Don't be shy. Connect to your social accounts to find your friends." It also says something similar on the web site in the browser.

In the past it always notified me of when my people I follow updated any playlists, or added albums etc. It was such a good feature. Now it shows nothing. Why is this ??

Plus I'm a little confused too about sharing. If these notifications are not working, how do my "Followers" (Friends) see what I have "Shared." ?

Please, any help ? Cheers, Ken.. 😁🌻
Same here. On closing I always get a message that Deezer has stopped working.
Lately (last few weeks) the app itself keeps crashing. On Windows 7 & windows 10. Randomly after either 10 minutes, sometimes 2 hours,...

I always update. Version 4.7.1 now.

O yeah, and bring back 'Hear This' 😉
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Hey @Gijs Sohier is your Deezer App saved on the C Drive?
Hey @Gijs Sohier is your Deezer App saved on the C Drive?
Yes, on the C-drive
Hey! When somebody send me a link to a song in a Deezer, it opens in the browser, and not in the windows 10 application.
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Hey @Gijs Sohier

Can you try uninstalling the app and searching for %appdata% and deleting the Deezer folder, before restarting your PC and installing it again?

@Emil Yangirov

That's intended behaviour but feedback noted 😉

@Emil Yangirov

That's intended behaviour but feedback noted ;)

Thanks for the reply. But, maybe should create a checkbox inside the app settings, such as "Open links inside app"? It would be very convenient, because I can not be authorized in browser.

I only use the app for Windows all the time and opening links in a third-party apps destroy my user experience. 😁