Deezer Desktop App - all feedback, bug reports, tip and ideas/suggestions here please!

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I couldn't agree more!!! Instead of improving the app it is getting worse….

As a customer I get the feeling I'm not taken seriously, so I might start looking elsewhere for my music!
I have problem when i try to log in to my acc on BETA app(trying to log typeing and logging with google), logging in to browser working fine. Any help?

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Hi @hakon1212 please check above for tips. In the meantime, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? Please let me know if the problem persists 😉
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Hi @PtrkHrnk @Bas van Harten thanks for the feedback. I've moved your topic @PtrkHrnk here as this is the space where we collect all the feedback in relation to our desktop app.
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granite11 wrote:

Using the back/forward buttons at the top to navigate back to the previous page doesn't work, if the previous page is a search result page. In some way the app thinks it's navigating to pages in the history, because the scroll position jumps around to saved positions, and at some point the back arrow becomes greyed out when there's no more history. Regardless, the actual page view never changes from the current one. On macOS 10.14.1, app version

EDIT: Okay, doesn't happen every time. Can't find a reliable repro :(

Yeah, very annoying and it has been like that for quite some time. I almost never use the navigation anymore.
desktop "app" and on mobile this needs to remember what i listen previously when closing the app. probably main reason why i dislike this so much. i have never listened these songs what this is recommend me and been last 2 hours to "giving heart" to bands and songs what i like. and not to forgetting that i have disliked songs what are in flow.
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Hi @is407abc

Our developers are working on a feature which will improve things. At the moment, you have a workaround by checking your listening history once you open the app. Or "recently played" depending on the platform 😉
There's an issue with the Windows 10 app where if you alter the volume (keyboard hotkeys, bluetooth headset) you get the regular volume notification in Windows and then also the track name and album art overlaying the screen in the top left - quite large and covering a significant amount of screen real estate.

This is annoying and distracting when I pause music in an office setting (you know all that weird album art? Suddenly a coworker asking questions sees that pop up on your screen when you pause to talk), or when I'm trying to read something and the overlay pops up for quite a while.

Looking around I see this isn't a feature you can deal with in Windows 10; the ability to turn it off has to come from the app itself.
Interestingly enough Spotify had the same issue but added the functionality to turn of the annoying notification - it was a big issue with users.
Can we get the ability to turn off the overlay please?
Why I can't resize the app window? Full support of Windows SnapView – 320 pixels wide window please...
Window for adding to playlist is too small. Just 2-3 entries are possible to see at a time. Entries aren't listed aplhabeticaly. There aren't cover pictures. How I am supposed to orient myself in this mess!?

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I'm using desktop app on Win7, and in the last several months I'm experiencing several issues.

First it started with Deezer seemingly to fail to play/load any new song at some point after startup, and all attempts to play something only lead to the last song starting from beginning.
Later app also became "slow" - it takes at least half a minute for it start playing, load an artist/album page or album cover.

This all became annoying to a point where I'm slowly switching back to web version - it still works fine without any issues, on the same PC & network. I tried reinstalling but it changed nothing.
Just to comment that the Windows desktop app has become very unstable recently, and has crashed ("not responding") many times over the last couple of week or so. I've started using Deezer in a browser again as it is more reliable.
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Is there a way to download the beta app outside of the Windows store? I am on a system that does not allow applications installed via Windows store. Previously, there used to be standalone installation.
The new update of the application from the Windows Store store has completely damaged the touch experience that had the previous App. You can no longer split the screen and for example from a Tablet only allows you to have the application on full screen.

You should make the application adapt according to whether the Tablet mode is active or not on Windows 10,
And now how do I get the previous version of the store??


La nueva actualización de la aplicación desde tienda de Windows Store ha dañado completamente la experiencia táctil que tenia la anterior App. Ya no se puede dividir la pantalla y por ejemplo desde una Tablet solo permite tener la aplicación en pantalla completa.

Deberían hacer que la aplicación se adapte de acuerdo a si el modo Tablet esta activo o no Windows 10,

Y ahora como hago para tener la versión anterior de la tienda ??

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e201801 wrote:

Is there a way to download the beta app outside of the Windows store? I am on a system that does not allow applications installed via Windows store. Previously, there used to be standalone installation. - at least, that is the link for Win7.
ZeroUnderscoreOu wrote:

e201801 wrote:

Is there a way to download the beta app outside of the Windows store? I am on a system that does not allow applications installed via Windows store. Previously, there used to be standalone installation. - at least, that is the link for Win7.

Thanks! The Windows 10 store version is awful, just constant lockups, 99% of the time ive loaded it, it just does this.

Hello evryone, i'm using use beta apps in windows 10 (v:4.0.5) with hifi 1411kb/s sound and some music like ''i like it heavy" -halestorm or "war of change" -thousand foot krutch shut off the app or the player with no error code ''an error occure, please try later''
i try this music in my android with the same quality and there no problem

if anybody have a solution for this issue he will be my hero
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That means the FLAC version of that song is broken, and on mobile it works, because it is an MP3 file. If you change the audio quality in the desktop app to MP3 after pausing the track, it will probably play as well.
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HI @Munky1349 please make sure you install the app on C drive, this should solve the problem 😉
Have just installed the desktop app for the first time on my laptop and finding an issue I had on my desktop, i.e. favourite albums not updating. By this I mean that I unlike albums from this list (to get around the crazy number limit) but when I go back to the list, the albums I've just removed are back again.

FYI when I do this in the browser version, it works perfectly - but again, not reflected in the desktop version.

When this happened on the desktop, I had to uninstall and reinstall, but on my laptop it's the first install already. Also tried to log out and back in, but again no difference.

At this point, the only benefits I can see to the desktop app are downloads (hardly ever use on desktop or laptop, only mobile) and the now playing pop-up when screen has timed out.

Any ideas?


PS is this thread still the best place for this, as the app no longer appears to be in beta??
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Is there any rhyme or reason for the versioning of the desktop app, maybe different between Windows and MacOS? Yesterday I got a new (or maybe old) version automatically called 4.1.1. on my Windows 10 Home PC. Is there a public changelog somewhere?
Please add 'Artists' and 'More' to the panel on left side of desktop app under 'My Music' where 'Favorite Tracks', 'Downloads', 'Playlists', 'Albums' and 'Podcast' links are displayed. 'Artists' seems an odd omission and would presumably be easy to add. I imagine 'More' would likely be a cascading menu and require more effort, but it would be nice to have all links in the left panel for ease of navigating the app IMO.
Deezer app from the Win 10 app store randomly but consistently hangs with CPU usage pegged at 100% on one core. Normal Deezer account, not HiFi. My network is fine and the Deezer web player works without issues.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixes the problem for a day or two before it returns, very annoying.
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HI @turlz have you installed the app in C Drive? Which version of the app do you have?
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Hi guys - since the last update 4.1.1 (Windows 10) the media keys no longer work and also neither does F11 (View->Enter Full Screen).

Please pass on!