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  • 3 February 2021
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Hi, I want to use the Deezer app to stream to the heos system. The interface of the app is way better than the userinterface of the heos plugin. With Spotify I stream the music to the heos, is that also possible with Deezer?


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6 replies

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Hi there @elmodierx 

Thanks for reaching out. The good news is that we're investing hard in connectivity this year.

HEOS has an amazing range of devices and we're currently working with their developers to bring Deezer HiFi. There's more: we're also developing an updated SDK so that we can better connect to our integrations.

So short answer is we're working towards what you've asked for, but it'll take time before we can have a timeframe. Stay tuned to the community and vote for our related ideas in the 'request a feature' section :relaxed:

FLAC by HEOS was promised 2019, 2020 and now 2021…

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Well @HEOSbs it wasn't developed before.

Now things are different, everything is going well, as planned. And work is being carried out by HEOS with the collaboration of Deezer, to get this off the ground - thank you for your support! :relaxed:

Unfortunatelly it is Still not working. This is really a big reason for heos user to choose spotify. 

It’s now 2022. I’ve been a customer for Deezer for 4 years now and still waiting for hifi on my heos device. Pls inform us when is this going to happen. I will have to move to another platform. Thanks. 


Just discover that it is possible to cast directly from Spotify and note use the heos app to listen to music. When will it bé available for Deezer ?