Constant interruptions (streaming issue)

  • 14 August 2019
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Since a few weeks back I'm not able to listen to one single song without the music getting interrupted. Sometimes it continues in a couple of seconds, and sometimes it switches to the next song instead, but most often it stops altogether. When I manually press play it continues, only to stop again. At worst, I get an interruption every 10-15 seconds.

This happens on the desktop app (v4.13.4 on MacOS 10.14.6), as well as on the iOS app (iOS 12.4) – regardless of the streaming quality set on 128 kbps or 1,4 mbps.

This happens on both my work wifi (~100Mb) and on my private 4G/LTE mobile connection.

The only time Deezer works for me is at home on my Bang & Olufsen setup, when streaming directly to the BeoSound receiver.

Any ideas how to trouble shoot and/or solve the issue?

4 replies

I'm having the same problem as well running on Windows 10 Desktop app. The error happens at the start of the next song. I have to press the OK button and press the play or next button to get it going again.

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Hi there @Peter P @CrimperMY

Sorry that's happening. I've cleared your user's cache from our side and sent password reset emails. Please change your password and try to login again, after reinstalling the apps. And please report back to us 👍🏼
PS.: I noticed that you're both HiFi subscribers, so please let me know if this happens to the same tracks or randomly.
Hi Rudi,

I have reset the password as instructed and re-logged in. The problem still persists. The W10 app is not able to

get to the next song without interruption.
Hi @Rudi Thank you so much for your help although I didn't notice any change and the issue remained. But suddenly, while charging my Beoplay H9i headphones and listening by wire instead of wireless, I noticed that it all worked like a charm (and most certainly would have even without the resetting and stuff)!

So I truly owe you guys and apology since there seems to be no issue with the Deezer streaming itself, but instead on the bluetooth connection to my Beoplay H9i headphones. So this bluetooth issue was the reason for all glitches and constant pausing of the music. So wish me luck in troubleshooting that 😁

Thanks again – and sorry!