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  • 3 November 2018
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Ok, I thought I may have fixed this. I looked on the Chromecast forum. And they recommend using the 2.4 network on dual band routers. So I:

  • Uninstalled/Reinstalled Deezer
  • Factory Reset All of my Chromcast Devices
  • Set up the new Google Home Network on the 2.4 band
  • Tested on a single speaker - worked
  • Tested on the full system (4 speakers) - worked
Still experiencing the issues, this is no fun.
I just got a new LG SK10Y soundbar - it has Chromecast built in. I tried to play Deezer through the soundbar using Chromecast with no luck. I clicked the cast icon, it looked like as connected, but the soundbar didn't show the connection and no audio was playing. I tried other apps with the soundbar and they worked correctly. I will try today with cleared Deezer cache. (Phone is Galaxy Note 9)
Stop trying to change router settings or ipads, Androids. Its very clear that deezer have some reason they dont want to support Googles chromecast. If they haven't solved it now, they never will. All other olatforms are working just fine so either switch to them or do what deezer wsnts you to.. Replace your cca with some thing else. I for one will cancle my deezer sub. Bye!
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Hi there @MichelPettersson

Sorry for the way you feel. We didn't get it right the first time with Chromecast - be we're far from giving up. We've been working on a whole new integration for quite some time, so please bear with us (if you can), so that we can deliver a better service 👍🏼