Chromecast audio issues on Android

  • 16 January 2018
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Hi @dominikz thanks for this. Everything helps in finding the solution to this problem, which we well know that it has been a while now. We do our best to solve this as soon as we can!No worries.
These are purely guesses, but I'd say it is probable that the actual deezer bitstream to CCA occasionally drops regardless of external connection type (i.e. analogue or optical), and that the difference in manifestation is likely due to different internal digital error correction/concealment algorithms between CCA versus external amp.
I.e. if I use an analogue cable, CCA internal DAC is in use, and it seems successful in compensating for missing bits - whereas if I use a digital (optical) cable then the external amp DAC is used, and it appears that it is occasionally unable to compensate for the missing bits in the stream.

Has there been any progress with the analysis (and resolution) of this issue? Thanks.
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Hi there @dominikz

Thank you for your patience. Not much improvement per se, but please keep an eye on this topic for developments 😉