Casting to SRS-X77 SONY not working

Since few days ago I can not cast Deezer to my Sony speaker SRS-X77. I use my phone or tablet
( Android ) and the result is the same.
In other hand TuneIn is casting normaly from both devices.


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Hi there @zokara

Could you please try reinstalling the app, switch off your router for 3 mins and then restarting all to see if it helps? Let me know what happens 😉
Same problem with srs x99. Tried several things. Tunin app works so it can cast.
I already reinstall the app, reset speaker and reset router.
The problem persist!
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Hi @Davy.Verstraeten @zokara sorry about that. Can you please describe the behaviour in more detail? What is being displayed and what is happening on your devices?
You must be joking.

Sony X77 have no display.

When I try to cast from phone or from tablet it does not
connect to Deezer as before.
With TuneIn it works perfectly!!!!!
In both cases I control it by Android phone or Android tablet.
Same. No display on the box. No error message on Deezer app. Only that it almost casting but nothing happen. If it is not fix I will cancel my subscription. Pitty because I used Deezer already more then 2 years.
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Hi @zokara I understand. Does the speaker have Chromecast built in or do you use Chromecast Audio?
Chromecast is build in.
Same problem😡
Hi. Months ago i used the app Music Center on android phone to pair with Sony srs-x9, leaving the speaker to cast deezer via wifi, and all worked fine. I´ve noticed weeks ago that this its working no more. The result every time ive tried is always "connection fail". I have Deezer app on my Android phone, but i dont want streaming audio via bluetooth, i prefer a clean wifi connection, without the breaks caused by phone calls or whatsapp notiffications. Please wake up yours handyman guys to solve this!
(sorry my english)
What is the status. It's still does not work!!!!.

Must i really go to another brand. Only updates Deezer is making is the look and feel. I want my function back casting by wifi to my sony device.
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HI @Davy.Verstraeten our developers are working on a new version of the Chromecast integration, we can only kindly ask for some patience and will pass on your feedback. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
Hi. Same problem with Sony SRS X99. 😞
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Thanks for reporting @miguelcelis77 and for your patience.
HI, same problem although radioplayer will cast
Can you tell me/us what the status is of your Chromecast integration, because this is pretty annoying for those that are using Sony sound devices.
Same problem here with the X88 and X99! It is really annoying. Every other app over Chromecast works but not Deezer and no help after such a long time. I would switch immediately to an other streaming service if i had not to switch my family account with 5 users.
I am very disappointed about the time to fix this problem. My year subscription ends this month. So good luck everybody waiting until Deezer fix this problem. I will transfer to anorher music streaming which perfectly can cast my music by wifi....
Any update on this problem I'm experiencing the same issues come on deezer sort this out
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Hi there @Wesslie.Molyneux @Davy.Verstraeten @oclk @Wout_Baljon @David.Oatway

Thank you for your feedback and support. As an update, we're still working on improving our Chromecast integration. It'll still take more time, but we're fully aware of the existing issues, like this one, and will continue to work on a better experience. Hopefully I'll have more info on this soon 👍🏼
Thanks Rudi, but this problem has now existed for 6 months, so I find the "more info soon" not particularly reassuring. What most of us are hoping for is a concrete fix...We appreciate your thorough assessment and your attempts to integrate Chromecast, but surely this can go faster?
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Hi there @Wout_Baljon

I understand you completely. At the moment it can't 'go faster' because we've already got our resources dedicated to it - not for a fix, but for a whole new Chromecast experience. With this, we hope to eliminate most if not all existing issues. Thank you very much for your patience 👍🏼
You need to put more resources on this then. Rather unacceptable.

How much longer do your developers need? It's been 5 months since the first message saying that they are working on a new Chromecast experience. With the time taken it better be one hell of an experience.

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Hey @Ray Tang 

I know it's taking quite a while. We're almost there, please hang in there a bit longer. Thank you for your patience :thumbsup_tone2: