can't login to on my tv: "invalid email or password"

  • 15 July 2018
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I can't login to deezer on my tv. It says "invalid email or password". I've read that you have to unlink your google+ but that wasn't doable, is there a way they can just make this work?

6 replies

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Hi @Urbanend , have you tried to change your password? Also, please reinstall the app! Let me know if helps!
I have the same issue trying to set up the app on Fire TV. My Deezer account is accessed via my google account but the TV app has no option for this.
I have tried using the "change password" option to set a password but as there wasn't one originally it doesn't seem to let me.

How do I create a password to use?
Ok, looks like there is no password reset link on the account page but this article
gave a way to do this using the below link
and it works 🙂
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@David.Underhill fantastic! All sorted now? 🙂
Ive added Deezer to my Roku TV & it wants to use my Roku login info to login to Deezer, which is fine since its the same info I use to login to the Deezer app. However, it tells me my info isn't correct when I know it is because I use the same info to login to everything. Can u lease tell me how to make it work on my TV? I've done everything I can find suggested on this forum & on the Roku forum. Help!!
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Hi @Sabrina Firemoon sorry for the late reply. Have you tried to reset the password and try it again after that?