Bug with displaying Cyrillic font in the name of performers.

  • 12 October 2021
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As you already know, there has been a bug with the display of Cyrillic language in the names of performers for almost a year and has not been eliminated in any way. The problem occurs only when using Russian as the main system language. I forcibly assigned English to your application on MacOS and the bug disappeared. There is already a previously created topic with a description of this problem, but for some reason I can't leave my comment there. Therefore, I decided to create a new theme and remind you that the problem itself and without your intervention has not disappeared anywhere and still spoils the whole impression of using Deezer on platforms: iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, Xbox. You advised in another topic to disable the Russian language as the main system language of the platform, but then what happens to all Russian-speaking users who use Deezer and do not want to face this bug, you need to learn English or French (because there is no bug there)? A very strange and disrespectful solution to Russian-speaking users. I can guess the reasons for the bug: is it difficult to make a ban on Russian localization in the name of the performer in the Russian system language? Well, why is everything so difficult for you and something changes for a very long time? Rather, the paint dries than something changes in Deezer.:disappointed:

And yet, this no longer applies to the Cyrillic font. Why are you the only ones who can't remove (the) in the artist name sorting? This is an elementary solution. If there is (the) in front of the name, it does not appear in the sorting results. With such a slow and long-term process of eliminating bugs, their number is growing every year. Branded bugs that make Deezer not like other competitors. As for me, bugs are not the best way to stand out and have your own unique style.


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And also, you are usually scolded more here (there are reasons for this), but I want to ask you Rudi (I know that you are reading this) to thank the developers for working on the Apple Watch. And a special thank you from me. It has become better and more pleasant to use the app on your watch. Not perfect, but very good.

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Thanks for your feedback on Apple Watch @Скаваротти and also for raising this issue again.
I am not sure if there is a quick solution for that but I’ll pass all the info to our developers.