Browser problems Firefox: discontinuous play

  • 13 March 2019
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At the end of each track, there are a few seconds where it sounds like the same track is being played in high speed, and then the track stops altogether. This happens approximately 20 seconds from the end of each track. I have to skip to the next track in order to get music playing again.

I am using Firefox Version 64.0.2 (32 bits) without adblock and I have a premium Deezer account.

I noticed this problem months ago, so I switched to using Microsoft Edge, where everything worked fine. But now I can't use Edge anymore because Deezer is no longer compatible with Flash, so I want to switch to using Firefox.

I am using a work computer, and I don't have the right to download the Deezer desktop app or update Edge, so Firefox seems to be my only option.

Any help getting Deezer to work properly would be greatly appreciated,


Best answer by Lacy042 14 March 2019, 18:48

Firefox reinstalled. Cache cleared. Problem solved!
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Hi there @Lacy042

Thanks for the feedback! Have you tried clearing your Firefox's cache and cookies? Or even reinstalling it?
Firefox reinstalled. Cache cleared. Problem solved!