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Where is the settings tab?
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Upper right corner of the browser window, click on the ... dropdown menu, scroll down to Settings, then Advanced. It might be necessary to close and restart Edge after changing these settings.
I have a specific question about the connection. Seems that the problem is the connection via my company's VPN. I have a problem only when I'm in the office (I've not checked if I have any issues with VPN connection from home from the same laptop).

So, I've checked with my company's help desk, they told me it's a Deezer's issue, as no other site works so bad. The connection is even worse via the desktop app.

I don't really know what's going on and need to understand where is the issue - on our or your side.
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Hi there @Kir Prusov

Because our service works according to territory, we don't officially support the use via VPN connections. I'd double check with the laptop at home, just to make sure everything is working as it should be on a different connection 😉
Should I move to Spotify?
It seems you gave up support for most browsers. If I must install an app, I'll have to use another service provider as it is not allowed by the corporate policy.
I tried with lots of browsers and for a few days now, I have a red banner telling me that this browser is not supported and the controls are disabled. By the way it is a stupid policy to not let me use it at my own risk.
We work under Ubuntu. Can you please tell me what browser does actually work?

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Hi there @BernardC

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox should be able to support our web version without any problems.
tha for your answer.
can you please give the user agent string of a working firefox? Mine doesn't.
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I wouldn't be able to give you an exact version at this stage - but if your version doesn't work anymore and it used to, perhaps it's worth checking here or opting for Chromium. Sorry I couldn't give you an answer you were hoping for.
I have been happily using Deezer for a long time now accessing it through a lightweight browser on a 32-bit Lubuntu OS (lightweight Ubuntu), on an old netbook that had been repurposed just for this usage. Unfortunately now Deezer's red banner appears and I have been -so far fruitlessly- looking for a different browser.

Firefox unfortunately often stalls, I suppose it is too heavy. The default Lubuntu browser (epiphany-browser) has support for many HTML5 features (checked through, but nevertheless makes the red banner appear.

Is it worthwhile checking for other unconventional lightweight browsers that might run Deezer? I guess the question boils down to: are you checking readiness for specific HTML5 features or are you checking for a specific browser make and version?

Ok, in the end I'm fine. Firefox (Quantum) 65.0.2 seems to do the job. I previously experienced stalls with Firefox, either because of the slightly different version (65.0.1) or because of other reasons. But in any case, I'm streaming smoothly for some hours already now.
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Thanks for sharing your experience here in the community, buddy.