BMW Connected Drive and Deezer app

  • 22 July 2020
  • 4 replies

Hi. I am struggling to add the deezer app to my bmw. I am unable to get the app in the vehicle through connected drive or via the connected drive app on my mobile. How do I go about adding the deezer app in bmw connected drive apps?

4 replies

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Hi @karlvymetal,

Sorry to hear about it.

Can you please try the following and let me know if it works for you?

  1. make sure your Deezer account email address and your BMW Connected Drive email address are exactly the same.
  2. Log out from Deezer on all devices >> then go to your BMW » click on log in with existing account (Please do not register a new one) » make sure you think about capital and small letter in your password.

In case these steps don’t work out for you, please double-check whether a Deezer subscription is included in your BMW package or not :)

Hi @Guilherme. 

Thank you however this does not seem to fix the problem. My idrive does not have deezer as an application and in the BMW connected drive app on android it only has spotify as supported apps. Everything seems to work fine with IOS so problem just seems to be on android.


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Hey @karlvymetal 

Thanks for coming back. Have you also tried contacting BMW about a firmware update or something similar?

Hi Rudi,

I have, they mentioned I will need to wait for Android Auto to be released in my area.