Best Streamer or Amplifier for Deezer Hi-FI

  • 23 November 2021
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What would be the best amplifier/streamer to stream Deezer Hi-Fi with no loss of quality?

I had been recommended a Marantz Melody X and a Denon DRA 800 H but it looks like Deezer Hi-FI are not well supported.

Ideally, port for 2 pairs of speaker as I have 4 ceiling speakers.







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2 replies

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You can check the devices overview of Deezer which ones already show a yellow HiFi sticker, the HEOS family is not supported yet, as far as I know:


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Unfortunately Deezer isn't supported by many, if any, receivers. I'd suggest buying something with the features you want and connecting a Chromecast to it. The Chromecast is cheap, and supported.