Back and forward buttons not working on Deezer Windows desktop app

  • 19 February 2021
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Deezer Windows desktop app, the back and forward buttons don’t work, they just move to the center of the current page.

Bug already acknowledged here:

It was already solved back then, this seems to be a regression.

I’m running the latest version of Windows 10 20H2 (19042.804) x64, Deezer app is at 4.32.20.

Anyone else experiencing this bug? Very annoying.

20 replies

yes, same here.

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Hi there @Lorenzo Monti @tt1 

Regression, yes.

We're working on this, in fact, 4.32.20 shouldn't be displaying the issue anymore. Thanks for reporting it!
By the way, could you please:

  • Uninstall the app
  • Search for %appdata and delete any Deezer folder you find
  • Restart your computer
  • Download the app and reinstall it

Keep me posted!


I did what Rudi said, it works at first but happens again after one day. This issue makes the app unusable and should be fixed already, this is a very old issue. Known since 2019.

It’s even happening on the desktop website now, making almost impossible to use deezer on the computer. 

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Sorry about that @classico 

You're right, we've been seeing reports of the bug coming back.

The good news I have is that we're working on major updates for our Electron app, as you see, they're overdue :disappointed_relieved:  but it's good news, for sure, coz our teams are on it already. This major update work will fix more than a few bugs, it'll improve reliability and get the app ready for further work which needs completing. I ask you to bear with us for a bit longer and to keep us posted with your experience :thumbsup_tone2:

I don’t know if this is related, but when I start flow it has started getting stuck on a song after about 10 tracks play.  Seems to mainly happen when it’s handoff from another device.  The workaround is to start another playlist and then restart flow and then it’s fine.  This is in the windows desktop app. 4.32.20

It isn’t enough to drive me away as long as it gets fixed.  We trialed all of the other services but Deezer offered us the best features.  

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Thanks a lot for the feedback @Darcman I get what's happening.

Fortunately, our teams are working on long-term solutions for these and other similar problems. We count on you for this journey, thank you for your support! :relaxed:

@Rudi Waiting...

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@Rudi I followed your instructions (uninstall / clean / reinstall), the app works as expected now. I’ll test it in the next days and I’ll give you a feedback. Thanks.

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@Rudi nope. The software has stopped working properly after just a few hours. Please push for a fix with the dev team.

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Hey @classico @Lorenzo Monti 

We fixed it and then it came back, I suppose. Don't worry, we're working on this.

4.32.30 is being rolled out at the moment. Could I please have feedback on that if you get the update?

@Rudi hi Rudi. I’m currently using version 4.32.30 and the issue is still there

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@Rudi same here. 4.32.30 still buggy

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Yes, I've also tested on my side @pitone176 @Lorenzo Monti :sweat: hang in there, we'll get this sorted!

Have a great weekend in the meantime!

Really frustrated with these continued issues with the back button.  It makes use of the app so unpleasant since the “exploration” that we enjoy is gone.  I’ve also been through the same problem where the past “fix” worked for a while.  I was advised to uninstall/clean/reinstall months ago when it started happening again and it didn’t fix the issue.  I’ve noticed that when this starts happening (usually within the first few minutes of use), it also sometimes affects the navigation bar buttons on the left.  For example, if you started on Browse and get stuck on a page, clicking Browse again to start at the beginning won’t bring you anywhere.  The button just doesn’t work. You can click another navigation button and then back to the Browse button and it will work.

Can I suspend my account until this is fixed?

Came here for the same problem. The new spotify desktop client is so horrible that I decided to test Deezer. And while I do prefer the Deezer app over the NEW  (not old, mind you) Spotify app, this problem with the navigation is probably a deal breaker for me, which is kind of a bummer because I like to have choices. But as bad as spotify UI is, at least navigation is functional.


And what toomuchnoise said is true, the sidebar is also unresponsive, which makes the problem even worse!


 PS: I got the Windows 10 App from the microsoft store




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Thanks for your feedback and patience @A-Lexxxx @TooMuchNoise 

Like I've mentioned before, our teams are working on major updates to our app, separately.

In the meantime, we need a bit more of your patience. It's frustrating having the issue back, you're totally right. But I'm super positive we'll get this sorted for good.

@TooMuchNoise for related account queries, please reach out to our support team :thumbsup_tone2:

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@classico can you get by with the web. Browser version?

The same bug on Windows 10 Pro (v.2004), Deezer 4.34.0. Hinders navigation a lot. Fix it faster, please! :slight_frown: :pray:

Me and my girlfriend have just switched from spotify to deezer because of their stupid “family must be under ONE roof” policy. Now we’re happy with the family plan of deezer but the app is far behind what we are used to from spotify…

  1. Installation on Windows10 is a nightmare if you don’t want/have a microsoft account. Please get rid of this as soon as possible and make the download available on your website. I would have nearly ditched deezer just for that incredibly limiting routine and i’m still thinking about getting back to spotify when i consider i have more computers i want to listen to music on.
  2. Please fix this navigation issue! It is a dealbreaker and if you ask your members to stay at least offer them the opportunity to suspend their accounts until you got the reoccuring technical problems sorted out. Please dont’t do this on the back of your customers...
  3. Why is this heavy delay happening when starting to play a song?.. I’m used to INSTANT playback, but deezer seems to always take a second or two before a track starts. Skipping through playlists like this feels laggy and once again the competition shows that it could work.
  4. Why is your widget for websites only teasing songs instead of playing through?… People would enjoy listening to someones playlist on the website the are currently visiting (even you play commercials) instead of being forced to navigate to 😕. I’d love to integrate your widget on my website AND recommend/direct potential customers towards your service, but like this the widget is useless… i could rather post a screenshot of my playlist and tell people to look for the songs on their favorite music platform =/

    After all thx Rudy for your positive feedback on this forum. You’re doing a great job, but the programmers are clearly not.
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Thanks a lot for joining us with your girlfriend and for the honest feedback @grafgobbel super appreciated!

We'll be releasing an updated version of our desktop app very soon, so you won't be worrying about a lot of the current issues. It'll have an improved performance too, with extras being built on to support new features in the future. But we'll have to make it available via the Microsoft Store.

Alternatively, you can also get it from here:

The fancy widget we've got now is brand new, with more and more improvements planned for it - stay tuned! :relaxed: