Autoplay when connecting to car

  • 6 February 2019
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How about an autoplay option? My old Windows Phone used to start my Flow whenever my phone connected to my car via bluetooth. I really miss this since I find it infuriating to take my phone out of my pocket just to press play.

10 replies

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Hi there, so you mean it should play right away when you connect it to the car via bluetooth? Only on that occasion?
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Hi, yes I mean just that. Ideally you'd be able to turn on autoplay that would start a specific playlist or in my case rather Flow once it connects to a Bluetooth device.
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This must be a phone-specific thing. Flow continues playing where it left off when i get in my car as long as I haven't shut Deezer down. Sometimes i have to hit the play button on the car interface to force it to go - not sure why, but I don't need to touch the phone.
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Hi there @Rick P. @antti.rintamaa

What phones do you have?
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 with the latest software updates.
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Hi there @Rick P. @antti.rintamaa

What phones do you have?
You can join the discussion on our ideas forum here ;)

The problem is i can fix this issue by installing a second app. But that isnt what i want (A app for fixing another app😂).
There is another app called "flitsmeister" here it its possible to start the program when connected to a bluetooth device (like a car). Or this app

When connected just play the flow ore lasted songs
Hi, I managed to solve this problem on my Galaxy s9.
here are the steps
  1. go to settings
  2. select Apps
  3. select Deezer
  4. select Battery
  5. select optimise battery usage
  6. on the dropdown on top, select All
  7. scroll down and disable optimised usage on Deezer (change the selector from blue to grey)
Now, the app will never officially stop running in the background, and will start off where it left off as soon as you connect to a bluetooth device. (I have been testing this for about 3 weeks now and works every time).

I have also found that this setting does not drain your battery any more than the usual use of Deezer.

Hope it works for you too.😀
I have a oneplus 7 and it keeps killing deezer from background. I tried to disable battery optimization and also locked the app in recent apps. Still after some time os kills deezer 😞 any tips on how to keep it alive always?
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Hey @Jartsah

Have you tried reinstalling the app? And connecting the phone to the car before opening the app?
This is still not working. When your phone connects to media device(like a bluetooth in your car) by default it will start playing whatever media was playing last time. In case you watched video on facebook, youtube or online - it will try to resume that video.

The only workaround there is:
1) install Tasker app
2) create new Profile that is active when you connect to your car
3) create new Browse URL Task and put URL like deezer://[playlistnumber]/?autoplay=true
This will open deezer and start playing that specific playlist every time you connect to your car. Alternatively, you can play your flow: deezer://[profile_id]?autoplay=true

But this is not a solution for me and probably for many other users! Flow doesn't work offline. Playing the same list everytime will make any playlist really boring in just a few days.

The problem here is - you can not open and play last played list! deezer:// will open the deezer, will show last thing that was playing but will not start playing.

I really hope this will be fixed and we will be able to open and play deezer at least with Tasker.