asking to play a genre, deezer plays one song

  • 21 August 2021
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I have an issue when asking my Home Mini to play a music genre on deezer.

it always loop plays the same title (one genre=1 title).

for example if I ask to play trip-hop music it always plays Beauty in Ruin from Andrea Britton. in loop

if I ask for britpop genre it always plays Chelsea Dagger from the Fratellis in loop

is it normal?

I’m coming from Spotify where this was working fine, it was playing playlist of the requested genre.

Thanks for your help,


7 replies

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Hey, Max @zoidberg764u 

Thanks for the feedback. Are you referring to the Google Nest/Home Mini?

If yes, have you tried restarting your Mini, the network router and relinking your Deezer account? It should play more tracks.

Hi @Rudi

Yes, I'm referring to the Google home mini.

I applied your recommendation on both Google home mini I own and I also disconnected/reconnected my Deezer account from Google home but the issue is still present.

Do you have another idea? Maybe some particular configuration in my Deezer account?

Thank you for your help,


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Thanks for coming back, Max @zoidberg764u 

Hmm, I'm wondering if you ask it to be shuffled...our current integration with Google Nest is waiting to be updated.

In the meantime, check our article and some of the voice commands you can try:

Hello @Rudi

Thank you for your feedback.

I‘m not asking for any shuffle option.

I'm just saying (in French but that should be the equivalent in English) : ‘ok Google, play some trip hop'

answer to this question changed some days ago, now it says ‘ok get a move on on Deezer' (different song than before) and this title is played in loop, but not exactly the same in fact, it's the same title but different records/version I suppose.

For information I tried to connect another Deezer account to my Google home but the behavior was the same.

I also tried from my phone (Android), answer is again exactly the same when asking Google.

Thanks for your support

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Thanks for coming back to me, Max @zoidberg764u 
I totally understand you don't need a shuffle, I was just speculating what it could do at that point in order to trigger a response from the skill.

I'll pass your feedback on and hopefully this can be addressed with Google on an update :relaxed:

Hello @Rudi 

I meant ‘I’m not asking Google for any shuffle option’ that was not for you, sorry if it was unclear, I misread you message.

I just tried to ask to play trip hop in shuffle but the answer is the same as without the shuffle, it keeps answering the same song.

Today when I request to play some trip hop it always answers “ok Pimpin’ on Deezer” Pimpin’ is from Tony Yayo, and it does not sounds at all like trip hop :grinning:

This weekend I had another strange behavior, when asking to play an artist (Eminem) the first song was from him and the following ones were the same kind of music but sometimes from him, sometimes not.

that’s really strange, to be honest I switched back to Spotify until the issue is solved.

If you still want me to perform some tests do not hesitate to ask, I’ll be happy to come back as soon as the issue is solved.



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Thanks a lot for the honesty! @zoidberg764u 

Yes, we'll be in touch :smiley: