Amazon Echo Alexa not finding music on Deezer

Hi - I have tried playing music from my Amazon Echo Dot but Alexa comes back saying "I can't find it on Deezer" I have tried unlinking and linking accounts and nothing. I have tried updating firmware and Alexa app but nothing. Is there something your side causing the issue, or is it with Amazon? Yes, the song is definitely on Deezer, and so is the artist, play it pretty much everyday, as do the rest of the house

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I am a happy owner of a (sometimes stupid) alexa dot device

I always loved playing music throughout my deezer account but since a short time ago she cannot find any songs
Even if I manually play a song, ask for name and say exactly what the name is
"I cannot find that on deezer"

Only thing she will play music
"alexa play some music"

Even alexa play my flow gets me the same response

Things I tried so far

Unlink relink
Update all the apps
Uninstall everything
Migrate alexa account
Remove all devices
Reset and re register alexa...

All but "I cannot find that on deezer"

Is there any hope..? Or is deezer kicked out of the Amazon club??

Seems to me they want me to use Amazon music services

Thanks in advance
Im having the same issue too. I've had no problems up until this afternoon.
Good job Deezer, I was meant to click like but for some reason I musta clicked answered. Now I can't undo it. Someone able to help or do I just make another topic.......
I have hit exactly the same issue as Andrew. Last week everything was working fine and had been for years.
I added a new Echo Auto then at some point in the next day or so it just will not play music on Deezer.
I can ask "Alexa, ask deezer to play some music" and it will play my flow.
However ask "Alexa, ask deezer to play New Order" - responds with "I cannot find any songs by New Order (insert the name of your favorite band here!)
I tried de-linking and relinking same results.
Tried removing the Echo Auto from my Alexa account - same results
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Hi there all @hoppery @Andrew van Leeuwen @LeeLow @swdys05

Thank you for your patience and for reporting this to us. While we work on improving our skill on Alexa, could you please try changing the language settings to English US? Somehow other users here in the community reported that it improves the search. I've personally got an Echo at home and I've noticed some improvements. We're also working on making personal playlists more easily available 👍🏼
Hi @rudi. I had tried that to no avail.
This was really frustrating for me as I have been using Deezer on Alexa for years without issue.
Unfortunately I have closed my Deezer account and gone with Spotify instead. It just works.
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Hey @hoppery 

Very sorry to hear we couldn't catch up to your expectations. It's a shame to see you go. But your feedback is still important to us, especially because we're constantly working on our skill. So hopefully we can improve it and you can perhaps join us again :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi i have this exact same problem with a device in Holland. Strangely, the Echo Spot that I have works fine, but the Echo Dot 3rd gen that I just ordered can only play Flow and does nothing else. Is there any solution to this yet?

Both devices are registered on the same Dutch account, Deezer is also on Dutch.

@Rudi can you advise on how to solve this?

Hi there. I set up my brand-new Echo Dot only a couple of weeks ago, and I’m already finding it exasperating. It not only doesn’t play my playlists on Deezer, it doesn’t play my Favourites either - and that’s supposed to be a set feature.

Also, the mobile app is not finding certain artists, while the website is - example: I follow ChilledCow, and it comes up as an artist I follow on the website, but when I search for the same on the mobile app, I get nothing, and Alexa can’t play it as a result. 

There isn’t any point in having a Deezer subscription account on my Echo Dot if it won’t do these basic things.

Additionally, I see that one of the most frequently-proposed solutions is to switch to US English. I do not want to do this unless I have a reassurance that you guys are actively working on making the app work for UK English. 

I’m not as far along as others, but, on searching, I see that these issues have been brought up as far back as two years ago. I really want to support Deezer, but unless this issue is resolved soon, I’m sorry to say I will probably end up cancelling my subscription. 

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Hey @Rik4444 

Sorry for the time we've taken to reply. It seems that your reply fell off our radar.

Have you tried setting the account and language to English (US)? Let me know if it helps :thumbsup_tone2:

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Hi @ben.sohawon 

Apologies for that. I've got an Echo myself, and I'm also looking forward to Deezer improving English (UK) for our skill. It's under development (the improvements) for quite some time, between us and Amazon. So I hope to hear better news in the near future. Thank you for your detailed feedback. Please subscribe to the topic for updates on this subject :thumbsup_tone2:

I'll be forwarding your comments to our devs in the Alexa teams.

It won't let me change to US , it resets to UK and still doesn't work

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Hello @Clive King 

We are sorry to hear that. Can you please share with us some more details of the main issue with your Alexa?

You can reset your device to its factory settings:

  1. Press and hold the Action button for 25 seconds. The light ring will pulse orange, then turn off.
  2. Wait for the light ring to turn back on and turn blue. The light ring then turns orange again and the device enters the set up mode.

Thanks :)


Hi I've done all that, reset etc, it works on one Alexa device but not the other.


Was working fine but now not at all

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Hello @Clive King 

Thanks for letting us know. If the device was working fine a few days ago and it suddenly stopped working, the problem should be related to this issue, please check it out:

We are working on it and it should be fixed very soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused