Amazon Alexa cannot find the artists or songs anymore

switched from Premium to Family and Alexa can't find the songs I got before. ie play carol king from Deezer and say "I can't find that on Deezer" it is annoying because we have two devices Echo and Sonos and cannot get full use of them anymore. Have checked that both are running the Alexa app, but no success.....any solution???

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Same here, looks like alexa integration is broken atm, no songs or artists can be found, even after re-enabling the skill
They need to fix this quick or I will be leaving Ridiculous
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Hey @JADA04 and @markokroflic

Is this happening when you use Alexa on Sonos?
I say this because we're investigating an issue with Sonos systems at the moment - it should be fixed reasonable soon!
Please let me know 😉
No, just vanilla Echo and a family Deezer account, linked to master profile.

Examples of utterances (Deezer being default music skill):
  • Alexa, play Paradise by George Ezra (and + on Deezer)
  • Alexa, play George Ezra (and + on Deezer)
  • Alexa, play U2
  • Alexa play my flow
"I can't find that on Deezer"

Also did unlink/link account, has not helped.
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Hi @markokroflic thanks for the example you gave us. We are checking with our developers what is going on. Once I have more info we will let you know.
I am having this issue too... only plays Flow and was able to ask for specific songs and worked fine.
Any update on a fix for this??
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Nothing yet but we'll keep this topic updated!
I have the same problem.. " Can't find that on Dezzer"
I have the same problem, when I ask Alexa on my Echo dot to play Michel Jackson I get answer "I cannot find that on Deezer".

However, if I ask the same question on my iPhone Amazon Alexa app then it is working.
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Hi @Peterswart @RainZG so sorry about that. Can you please try to unlink and relink?
Having the same problem removing my account doesn't help
I did it just now, again.
After adding skill I tried it by saying "Alexa, play my Flow on Deezer"
Answer "I cannot find that on Deezer"
I found out what was the problem.
Language in Amazon Alexa was set to English UK. I have changed it to English US and it started to work.

To change language on Echo Dot go to Amazon Alexa app -> Settings -> Device Settings
Now you need to find your echo dot here and tap on it
Near the bottom there is Language option, change it to English (United States)

It helped me, maybe it will help to others too.
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Thanks for sharing @RainZG !
Great work 🤓
I have the same problem "Can't find that on Dezzer" and until last month everything worked perfectly.
I have a Sonos One. I tried to find language settings (like RainZG said) for my Sonos in Alexa app but i could't find it... Please help me.
Same problem here! Since last month Alexa is sayin: Sorry I could not find that on Deezer. I tried all of your options and its still not working.
This place look deserted... i mean nobody care about this bug... because i spent 250 USD on a useless speaker i had to pay to a subscription on spotify too in order for Alexa to work... but i have all my music on deezer... sad support!
I'm turning to Spotify ... I don't think these deezer peeps will solve this!
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Hi there @user-x @SirBarbax @aleksandra1512

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the tardy response and poor experience. Have you unlinked/relinked the skill to see if there's any improvement on results? I'm getting less messages like that from Alexa recently, personally.
@Rudi it started working one day. I had unlinked app many times... as I remember it started working when I deleted all apps and download it again.
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Glad to know @aleksandra1512. We're also working on making it easier for Alexa to find your own playlists. Keep me posted and we'll do the same here in the community 😉
Hey everyone !
I'm using SONOS and it definitly help to change language to Englich USA. The change of the language is not possible in your Alexa app, but it is in your SONOS APP !!! ...setting>services>amazon alexa>...and than change your langunge for each of your devices.... It's possible, that it will be necessary to plug off and on the sonos devices...

It helped me !!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Hi there deezer has stopped working on my daughter's echo. It say it can't find any songs or flow. I have tried disable enable a few times and no joy. If I change the language to English US it will play flow but still won't find artists. It works fine on my tv in the next room without messing around.
Please help.
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Thanks for sharing @Petr Chamrád

Some other users reported that it improves the skill 👍🏼