Amazon Alexa can't find songs anymore

switched from Premium to Family and Alexa can't find the songs I got before. ie play carol king from Deezer and say "I can't find that on Deezer" it is annoying because we have two devices Echo and Sonos and cannot get full use of them anymore. Have checked that both are running the Alexa app, but no success.....any solution???

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Same here, looks like alexa integration is broken atm, no songs or artists can be found, even after re-enabling the skill
They need to fix this quick or I will be leaving Ridiculous
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Hey @JADA04 and @markokroflic

Is this happening when you use Alexa on Sonos?
I say this because we're investigating an issue with Sonos systems at the moment - it should be fixed reasonable soon!
Please let me know 😉
No, just vanilla Echo and a family Deezer account, linked to master profile.

Examples of utterances (Deezer being default music skill):
  • Alexa, play Paradise by George Ezra (and + on Deezer)
  • Alexa, play George Ezra (and + on Deezer)
  • Alexa, play U2
  • Alexa play my flow
"I can't find that on Deezer"

Also did unlink/link account, has not helped.
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Hi @markokroflic thanks for the example you gave us. We are checking with our developers what is going on. Once I have more info we will let you know.
I am having this issue too... only plays Flow and was able to ask for specific songs and worked fine.
Any update on a fix for this??
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Nothing yet but we'll keep this topic updated!
I have the same problem.. " Can't find that on Dezzer"