Ads playing over music on Windows/Linux/Mac - web and desktop app

  • 13 August 2019
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I've recently encountered a problem where the ads will start playing over music, rather than playing in between songs like normal

i'm on chrome and i've tried clearing browsing history and data, but to no avail

any help would be greatly appreciated

28 replies


I'm getting the same problem.
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Hi there @John1995 @Bruno Cesar Mendes da Silva

Sorry to hear that. What OS do you have? Could you please check if the browser and systems are up-to-date?
Hi there @Rudi,

Yes, both are up-to-date. I have tried the Deezer App for Windows 10 too, I have had the same problem.
I am also getting the same problem. I'm on chrome with Windows 10.
yes, both windows 10 and most recent chrome. i thought it may have been an issue with my work machine as thats a windows 7, but same thing happens on my windows 10 machine.

song starts and ad will play over the top of the song without stopping the song from playing.

it's frustrating as i listen to music whilst working, and having to micro-manage pausing the songs manually whilst ads play ruins my workflow
Has anyone figured out how to resolve this? seems to have started after most recent update. Using app on MacBook. Incredibly frustrating. Also ad's seem to have increased significantly in volume compared to music playing, enough to stop me doing work to mute as loud enough to cause damage to ears.
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Hi there @kizwer

Sorry to hear that. Have you tried reinstalling the app to see if anything changes?
I have the same problem. Very annoying.
I'm using Chrome (Version 62.0.3202.94) on OpenSuse 13.1
@Rudi Yup, no change. Problem with the new update. Really needs to be fixed!
Same happens here with an updated Ubuntu 18.04 and Crome 76.0.3809.100.
Really annoying.
This is too happening to me in latest Windows 10 app in several computers
Normally, the music stops when the ads come on and it will say "Now playing: (Brand) ad". For me, it just moves to the start of the next song while simultaneously playing the ad. So I can't actually hear the beginning of any song, just a jumble of overlapping voices, unless I manually tab back to Deezer, pause the music, wait 30 seconds for the ad to play and then manually unpause it again.

It's basically not useable in this state.

(This issue appears on my laptop but not on the app on my phone. I do not have Premium. My account is multiple years old. I nearly always get re-requested to accept cookies everytime I log on. I use Chrome.)
The commerical overlaps the song at the beginning. It has happened before. I deleted cache and cookies. won't fix it.
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Hi there @Liberivore @Craxter @fguillen @kizwer @Felix Plasma @bluegrass

So this seems to be affecting Web and Desktop App on Windows/Linux. Could you give me more details about the OS version you have so that I can pass it on? Thank you very much for your patience.
+1 person with this problem. (I basically thought that this is a new feature and having found this thread I'm happy to know that it's not.)

@Rudi , Windows 10 Pro, v. 1903, (OS Build 18362.295).
@Rudi Windows 10, v.1809 (OS 17763.678)

No idea if it helps but it's an Intel Core i3-6006U
@Rudi the Deezer I'm on the macOS Mojave version 10.14.5, the Deezer have is Version 4.13.4 ( if that helps?


Chrome Versión 76.0.3809.100 (Build oficial) (64 bits)
Same problem of ads playing over the start of songs. Windows 10 home. version 1803. Using Deezer windows app 4.13.4
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Hi @chemdude @fguillen @kizwer @Liberivore @vira.motorko

Thank you for details, guys. I'll be letting the team know about this. Hopefully we get an update soon 👍🏼
Hi I'm having the same issue, it started on the windows 10 app, tried it in chrome browser the same. Deezer won't play anything in Internet explorer 11 as it now says not supported. Same issue in edge browser but more acute: song starts you get a few seconds for music then ad starts and plays over the top of the music so you can't hear either music or the ad. I'm hoping this is a bug and not a permanent change.
I've been having this issue in the Windows app too for a week or two now. It's especially annoying as the ads started ignoring the volume setting a few updates ago, so play much, much louder than the music.
+1, having same issue with Windows10 desktop app
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Indeed I had the same problem while I was on free mode . (Windows 10 )
Hi same issue here, any solution?