Account is currently being used on another device but I'm only using on PC

  • 26 August 2020
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I have a web subscription and since today, my music keeps stopping every 2 min with the message “Account is currently being used on another device”. I’m only using deezer on my personal computer (via Chrome)


I changed the password but that didn’t change anything.

Can you help please ?



23 replies



I got the same problem. Could someone help us with this problem issue?

Many thanks in advance!

Same issue.

Me too

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Hi @asangaga, @Rinazeta , @Othenan, @Alfonso Paredes Cervantes, please change your password and try again!


Same problem here….

Since long time ago…

Very annoying…

Just changed my pasword and things continues….. Music stops playing every...2 min, sometimes 20 sec...

Please contact me.

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Sorry about that @GdM 

I've carried out some maintenance to your account. Please log out, reinstall the app and change your password once more. Log back in again and let us know!

hi, same problem here... that is sad

Same issue here, since the February 9th 2021.

I have a Premium Account.

Uninstalled Deezer on my phone and tablet. Changed my password. 

Then changed my email and password, still have the same issue: Music stops, message telling (on my phone or laptop - Windows 10 up to date-) that Deezer is already being played on another device. 

There was an IOS device using my account, it's the first thing I checked, I removed it, nothing changed. 

Removed my phone,etc... Switch to SD card, nothing works.

Same message, which is technically not possible unless either the issue is on your side or I'm being hacked by several devices I cannot see, both cases there's nothing I can do.


And yes, I turned my devices off then on again too.


I need my music to handle my anxiety and it's not working right now. 



Same problem. I can see from the last played songs that someone is accessing it but there are no other devices other than my own listed??

Can you resolve this or refund my payment please.


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Hi there @dechandt 

I've had a look on our side, and I encourage you to contact our support team, in order to sort things out:

Hey @white_moon 

I've carried out due maintenance to your account. Please change your password once more, it should work without any issues now. I also listen to music to keep my anxiety at bay, I know exactly what you mean.

If you still have problems, please send me a PM directly :thumbsup_tone2:

I am having this issue too.  I have changed my password but its not made any difference.  Using chrome on my laptop and getting frustrated


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Hey @Natalie Blackley 

Thanks for reaching out and for your patience.

I've carried out some maintenance on your account and sent you a password reset email. Please change your password and let us know how it goes!

Same problem here.. pls assist!

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Same thing done for you @arthurrc 

Hope it helps, don't forget to change your password :relaxed:


I have the same issue. I tried again and again to change password. Disconnect my deezer account to my facebook account then change the password.

Remove deezer application of my laptop and my phone and reinstall it on my phone. And still, music stops every 2-3 minutes and I get this screen.

Can you help me please? 


Same here. Started today while listening with Chrome. I also use the Android App but I haven’t touched it.

Same issue. I’ve changed my password but it is still happening.

Only started having this problem an hour ago. I’ve changed my password and browsers everything!!!! It still doesn’t work! Deezer get your sht together! Ugh

Same problem, changed passwords, reinstalled the app on my phone and pc, nothing works. Think it is something server-oriented, don't think it's actually someone else on my account. Hopefully deezer can fix their servers. 


I also have this problem, it’s very annoying when you’re in the vibe and the music keeps stopping and showing this message.. could you please fix this on my account? I already log out and changed passwords.. 



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Hi there @Sashdi 

Thanks for reporting this. I've carried out some maintenance on your account and sent you a password reset email. Please change your password once more and let me know if the issue persists!

@TimoMegens @allychuasiying @Entro3 @g0rd0n @raissahaury if you're still facing the same problem, let me know or feel free to contact our Customer Care team who can also help:


This problem is at least 1 year old and it hasn’t been fixed… I am also having the same problem and nothing works, really disappointing as other platforms don’t have this problem.

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Hey @DarkSonicPT 

Apologies for the inconvenience.

I've carried out some maintenance to your account and sent a password reset email, I hope this helps you with the issue. But please keep us posted if otherwise :thumbsup_tone2: