30 Second Rule on Web/Desktop version of Deezer

Hi there Deezer Community! I love Deezer, it offers everything and more over Spotify.


One problem I recently ran into though was that I am now being limited to only 30 seconds of music on my Desktop app and web client for Deezer.  I’m currently logged into a free account and have performed a cache clear on the browser.  Is this a new feature that the free accounts are being limited to only 30 seconds?  Did I reach a song cap? 

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I’ve asked a few people on Reddit to see if they’re experiencing similar issues.  So far it sounds like I’m alone in experiencing this.


Best answer by Rudi 29 October 2019, 19:06

Hi there @DeezerIan it's intended behaviour on Free as we stand :confused:

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Hi there @DeezerIan it's intended behaviour on Free as we stand :confused:

No worries @Rudi ! I was unsure if this was a local experience or if it was experienced across the board.  Thanks for the clarification! 

I have the same problem just in the Desktop app. The web version app has no restrictions.

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Hi there @Reza_1908star 

It isn't a restriction, it's normal behaviour - part of our commitment to deliver a better Free experience to our users. You can launch a track mix based on the track that you like :wink:

Free users get only 30 second clips?! Never mind!

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Hello @Ariel.X, that’s indeed the case when you try to play a specific track with a free account.


I can understand the model though, just to be clear, Deezer should state that there is NO FREE version of Deezer available to users. Deezer is a paid service which offers premium sound quality. 

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Thanks for the feedback @mohsenabbasi we'll definitely appreciate it we agree that we need to make this kind of information clear to our users. This kind of feedback has been passed to our teams in the last couple of weeks too.

30 seconds preview on desktop only happens for users in the US due to the rights we have. However, on mobile we're working to bring a much better Deezer Free experience, including full tracks. Please stay tuned :wink:

what happen Dezeer? you was cool before…. :(

I even don’t find me in US but i use VPN and have the same problem.

Like @mohsenabbasi said, there is no free version of Dezeer now, that’s sad. I have a collection of near to 3000 song and can’t hear now, what a waste of time and effort collect them.

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That's probably because of the VPN - we don't officially support them @Pinchadiscos do futuro 

But apart from that, we're improving everything else, also on Free. Don't give up!

ok, that sucks. Anyway, may be you can work and allow to use Dezeer with a music client like Clementine or Amarok so we can use it without problems. Spotify can sync with this software, so, why you not?

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Sure, why not? @Pinchadiscos do futuro 

You may want to suggest it via our ideas forum here:

Those are partnerships which may be considered once we update our SDKs over the course of this year.

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Good day.

I am testing new Deezer player in my blog.

It really is awesome, but…

Where do I start? I am logged in and each track is 30 seconds only.

“Listen content fully on Deezer”

Why is that and may you fix that? I understand the limit if you are not logged in, but this…


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Yes @hpguru 

Our devs have got back to me on this. The full track option hasn't been built yet - but it's on the plans! :wink: