[Update] Spam on the Deezer Community

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Hi everyone, this morning we experienced a massive spam attack on the community. First of all we want to thank @Rob Igo for reporting this so soon, so that were able to handle it at an early stage! 🙂

It's now under control and we'll work on our spam filters to prevent these kind of situations in the future.
We are really sorry for the inconveniences and want to thank everyone for being patient! 🙏🏽

We will now focus on the important topics again and discuss music and Deezer with you 😉

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Keep working, I'm still getting spam!
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Hey @Rob Igo !! Maybe you can find a solution to the continuous playing problem being faced by free users (well documented in several Community topics), which Deezer seems to be either unwilling or unable to resolve, and which is clearly starting to drive users to seek out other music streaming services.

@Anja , is the continuous playing problem the "important topic" you mentioned, that Deezer will now be focusing on? I sure hope so because for the many many free (and now paid as well) users who have been voicing their complaints about this problem for several weeks with still no resolution in sight, sadly for Deezer that ship may have already sailed...if you get my drift!
having he opposite problem to the continuous playing problem. My playlist just won't play and it keeps asking me to upgrade to Deezer plus. I have been on free for a while now and up until now have been really happy with the result. Please fix this😠
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@Rob Igo Great dude !
Keep getting subscription not available...what’s that all about